Favicon gallery What's a Favicon? Open up your browser to your website or blog, look to the left of the url. There's a little picture to the left of your website url, that's a favicon. It's a small detail that can be overlooked, yet so easy to create.

Here is a great site that explains how to create your own Favicon in more detail.

Favicon1  Favicon Generator and Gallery

For Typepad bloggers to replace the Lilypad logo:

  • Create your favicon [16 px] either with the generator above or with your own image program.
  • Save the file with .jpg extension
  • Use Irfanview to open your .jpg file and then save it as an .ico file.
  • Rename your .ico file to favicon.ico  –  not FAVICON.ICO, not Favicon.ico, not FaViCoN.iCo, but favicon.ico
  • On Typepad's Dashboard go to Library>File Manager
  • Upload the favicon.ico image to your blog's File Manager.
  • Open up your blog and the url now has the icon.

If you don't 'do' your own website, then ask the designer who creates your logo to remember the fav-icon.