From The FTC has announced that bloggers who don’t disclose that they’ve received money or freebies to review a product can be fined up to $11,000. ReadWriteWeb has the text of the guidelines as a Scribd document and says “there can be no doubt that marketers regularly approach independent bloggers (and especially mommy bloggers) with freebies.” However, as’s Epicenter points out, it’s tough to figure out who the rules apply to, since “established review sites” like Consumer Reports don’t have to disclose freebies: “the hardest question of all in an age where everyone has access to an online printing press, how can you distinguish a professional site from an amateur one?” And Marketing Pilgrim says another gray area is “where do you post the disclosure-does it have to be within the post, or is a ‘disclosures’ page sufficient–and, do you have to disclose what you received in compensation?” >>Read more here