YES! Michele I want to Find the Power and heal my mo.ney story!

Using the Mo.ney Breakthrough Method® let’s uncover your family’s money legacy that may be keeping you stuck and broke.

For 15 years I’ve worked with the soul retrieval process helping client’s heal and restore their creativity. Soul loss around money keeps you stuck and broke and the energy of it manifests in so many ways…you can

  • stand with all the riches in the world yet still feel empty and lost.
  • struggle trying to make ends meet, yet hold envy in your heart.
  • hide in someone’s shadow, afraid to make your ‘own’ money.
  • undercharge your clients saying the money doesn’t really matter.

In this no cost call I talk about the secret energy of mo.ney, and share details of my new 4- week telecourse

Finding and healing my mo.ney story- LOVE | ACT | HEAL

We all have a mo.ney story to share. No one wants to be a broke or worry constantly… we want to serve, create abundance and do good things with the mo.ney we make.

And sometimes we find ourselves stuck. What is your sacred relationship to mo.ney? How you do mo.ney is how you do everything. Would you like to…

  • Experience a shift in your relationship with mo.ney.
  • Understand how mo.ney is related to your family legacy.
  • Understand the connection to your self-worth and net worth
  • Gain awareness of where you’ve allowed your power with mo.ney to diminish.
  • Increase your positive energy and renew your creativity

By joining in this lively no-cost call you’ll discover how the secret energy of mo.ney impacts your life and  leave with a deeper understanding on what to do about it. It’s for men and women alike who want to say Yes to their Big Dream, serve more people and stop the insanity with the energy of money.


Just register with your email address below; once confirmed (we have to make sure you want the information so be sure you click the link!) and you’ll be sent the recording and details of the new 4-week telecourse retreat.

Find My Money Story! Recording

This call and what I share can change your family’s life for the better.

Here’s what others are saying:

After my session with Michele Grace using the Money Breakthrough Method I found doors opening without my even knowing of their existence. Without effort or forethought, fun is arriving from all directions. Invitations, friends dropping in, chance encounters leading to important conversations are happening.

My energy/light, one/all has opened, cleared and grown; this is like a magnet for those who see. Most of all, I am seeing me. One very important piece was establishing a sacred connection to my ancestors. Wow, what a community of revelation, support and understanding. I am a catalyst for healing long standing generational patterns regarding feminine power, creativity and money. Much is still unfolding. For now, I want to share my joy and excitement with you and my gratitude.- Jayme a Money Breakthrough Client


I received a HUGE money breakthrough-by doubling my income- after one session with Michele. I urge you to join the Alliance of Shamanic Woman Entrepreneurs and watch yourself move into your wildest dreams this year! Making a commitment by putting my money towards my dreams makes everything in my life move in that direction. – Denise Dee from