I moved out of my comfort zone (working with clients 1-on-1) and started charging higher fees with integrity and mastery.  It’s a journey that continues to unfold and I feel excited about where I am confidently going.

This wasn’t always so…before working with Michele Grace I held back because I didn’t know how to expand my healing business or express my long term vision.  Teaching the “how-to” she invited me to stretch into new offerings beyond my existing 1:1 client sessions.

Working through each module, sharing on the forum, doing the rituals my WHY as a healer became clearer and more grounded. This new awareness helped me unify my Great Work into my new signature system and own my role as a Teacher.  I love the mix of strong practical guidance and action steps, commitment and accountability Michele Grace offers together with the cultivation and honoring of the spiritual gifts each one of us brings.

Finding a new balance and rhythm, reflection and action- it’s a lovely nuanced dance that serves both my work and my life. I’ve redesigned my website, increased both my client list by 75% and my fees.  As I opened to give more, I opened to receive more and the Universe is delivering.  This is just the beginning of taking my business to the next level, both in terms of income and the kinds of clients I serve.  My vision continues to unfold with more grace and ease as I move into loving action.- Deborah Weber from www.deborah-weber.com