In the movie the “Education of Little Tree” my heart is full and tears come each time Grandpa and Little Tree go in the early morning. Grandpa hearing the birds through the morning mist as the dawning sun peeks over the mountains says “Listen to the Earth she’s coming alive!”

Can you hear the Earth where you live? Are you nurtured by the earth you inhabit? In the business of being a healer. Cancer is ruled by the moon; represents your connection to the past, the legacy of women you hail from and the legacy you are creating. Cancer rules the 4th house of home family and roots.

You can’t leave your mother nor your Ancestors sitting on the curb. You need this energy to help up level  your work out in the world. In the New Moon, New ME! Teleclass I share how to work with this energy.

What I know for sure is the relationship with my mother always seems to be serving up another layer, another aha. You have to be solid and anchored in the present to manifest in the world. In the sign Cancer you are called to heal  issues with all things “mama”.  One clue is look to the sign where your moon is in your chart to see the ways you need to be nurtured, what was missing?

Coming alive with passion and purpose means looking back in order to go forward. Your ancestors may have the key that unlocks the door to your message of today. When we push off from our past, block emotions and act as if the past doesn’t matter we lose the ancestral wisdom that wants to inform and nurture us.  At this Cancer new moon what part of your past have you left behind that may want to be of service today. Where are you still fighting with yourself or some deceased relative? Why is there still a charge?
What ancestor has a message for you?

Coming Alive with Purpose,

I’ll share 3 sure fire ways to work with your Cancer energies:

  • The Sacred Path of Womb to World: How all things Mom nurtures your mess and the great work you came to share with the world.
  • Belly Busting and Balancing the Gastric Chakra: How energy leaks affects your body, mind and spirit.
  • The power of Anchoring through a shamanic ritual and celebration.

Michele Grace holds the New Moon, New ME! Teleclass each month 7 days prior to the new moon.