Our first house was a mid-century modern ranch with vintage Florida orange trees planted in the backyards’ sandy soil.  My family left New Jersey in the early 70’s and moved us to Florida; in the twenty years I never had an orange tree.

After our daughter was born I found myself walking in darkness as long buried emotions surged up for healing.  Was I making this up? What is wrong with me? Everyone in the family discounted what was happening; stop, you’re crazy.

Questioning my sanity one February morning I woke up to the scent of orange blossoms. Their perfume suspended in air was magical. Their presence was a key to finding my way back to health and wholeness.  As memories bubbled up, a shamanic healing happened and my PTSD started healing, my own knowing restored by way of the spirit of the Orange tree.

When you experience a trauma, you lose part of yourself.  I’ll hear a client say “I haven’t been the same since_________ (my surgery, my divorce, my move).  We forget to check-in to see if we’re put back together after a trauma. That trauma affects not only our ability to move forward in life but also our creativity and vitality. We get stuck and don’t know why.

Carried by the scent and spirit of the orange blossoms I healed; my creativity woke back up. Doing my own soul retrieval I reconnected to Source and my own inner knowing; Nature became my guide.

Spring is here. You’re invited to run towards Nature with open arms and heart, to return again. She’s always speaking, teaching and informing us. The power of the land calls to you. Here are some journal questions: How am I listening today?  What do I need to hear?

I invite you to create a SoulCollage® card. Grab 2-3 magazines, scissors, some paper and a glue stick. Ask what do I need to see? Where am I in resistance? Where did I get lost? Go for a walk, allow yourself to reconnect with nature’s wisdom. Come back and start pulling images that call to you. No words, just images. 2-3 are fine. Glue them down and start to journal. “I am the One who is”_____ (What’s here? What wants your attention?).


Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, C.Ht.  is a stargazing mid-century modern woman. A shamanic teacher, healer, writer and artist. She is a certified Money Method Breakthrough Coach® and a SoulCollage® facilitator. Michele Grace lives on a lovely lake surrounded by moss covered oaks and tall pines in sunny Florida with her dear husband and two very loveable golden retrievers. Learn more about her work online at https://marketingforhealers.com