Cleaning up an old website…. culling through blog posts; editing and sorting for a writing project and found this gem in an old blog post.

By this point I’d been blogging and teaching the new moon teleclass online for seven years.

It’s 2010 and some “astrologers-who-blog” are getting together for a blog-a-thon; I ask to join and get rejected

“I visited your site, lots of visual appeal, but SoulCollage® is not exactly the sort of practical, problem-solving tool I had in mind.”

I’ve never fit the norm.

Sometimes they won’t get you.
You’re out too far ahead of them.
That doesn’t make you wrong.
That doesn’t make them right.

Innovate. Anyway.
No matter what.
Follow those creative inspirations.
Trust what’s coming through.

I see you.
We need your voice.
Your presence.
Your tender heart.
Your creative musings.

In times of chaos
it’s the artists and edge dwellers
who offer up the healing solutions.

© michele grace lessirard