Moon. Marketing. Money. Manifesting.

Doing business is different for women.

We are called to connection.
We are called to intuit. And from that place
We are called to build. It’s our Nature.

Your creativity and business is a sacred contract, a soul contract.

The Moon reflects. She is the fastest path to your heart’s desire.

What if you can use the Journey of the Moon to Build your Business?

What if the Moon’s journey is YOUR fastest path to breaking through resistance and accessing new levels of creativity?

It’s all very WOO and starts with YOU and the journey of the Moon.

Join me at the next New Moon…

Hello, I’m Michele Grace Lessirard, as a shamanic astrologer  I’ve taught thousands of women how to reconnect with the MOON to manifest their BIG Dreams. Join  me at the  New Moon, New Me! teleclass for 90 days and

Your life will shift. I guarantee it.

Stop the Churning

Join me if you want to end the “I don’t know_________!” That keeps you spinning in doubt and indecision.

Reclaim You

Soul loss is real. Cycling through the energy is exhausting. Why not begin with these two questions: Where have I lost power? How is that affecting the choices I’m making today?

Access Joy + Creativity

Every time you move your desire into action resistance may rear its ugly head. It’s part of the creative process.  I’ll give you proven tools to play with. Let’s opt for more creativity.

“She changed my life!!

Really, words do not do all of the Ahas!, the delights, the journeys, the magic,  the justice.

Before working with Michele Grace I found myself adrift, unfocused.

I had recently retired and wanted to launch my writing career. Though I’d written for years, I had doubts about myself, doubts about my goals and also did not think about writing as a way to earn money, only as something I wanted to do.

Working with Michele Grace, my goals crystallized and I saw the steps I needed to take. I am now writing a weekly newspaper column, for which I am paid and I have plans for many more projects.

My relationship to money has changed: I have rediscovered the joy of making money, a huge Aha! resulting from one of Michele Grace’s wise posts in our Vision*Keeping circle.

Mentor with Michele Grace and her programs if you want to feel kinder and gentler with yourself while tapping into “empowered gratitude” that activates not only your dreams but also gives you the support to manifest those dreams, in real time, out in the world.

Valerie Edgar, writer and activist


1) What if I know nothing about astrology? And when I hear someone talk about it it all sounds like some foreign language.

Simplicity matters.

I’m a story teller and so get this…astrology was meant to be a feeling story…the planetary energies are here to inform.

At some point the feeling story got lost in translation… listen I don’t give a damn if Mars is squaring your Neptune…tell me how that feels to you in this moment then I can share tools to work with the energy of this moment.

How can we collaborate with the wisdom of the planets for your highest and best outcome?

What questions can we ask that leads you through it all?

2) What’s going to happen, why is everything suddenly up in my face? Why am I crying? I thought I dealt with this. I just want to build my business.

Shamanic Astrology is a path of direct experience with the divine.

The Moon activates.   Knowing.  Intuiting.  Shaking off what no longer serves you!

When you remember who you are, your emotional body reacts with feelings, they rise up for clearing and healing. If you’ve been struggling to grow your business, join me for a few months, work through the journal prompts. Be ready to clear the slate… and build your heart’s desire.

3) How do I get started? What’s my next step? What if I want to work with you?

Join me at the current New Moon, New ME! teleclass live or at the podcast later. Listen in and get a feel for what I offer. If you want to work with me click here to learn more about scheduling a Discovery Session.