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What if your life started shape-shifting to look exactly like that secret vision board you’ve been peeking at?

What if the resistance that has held you back from a life aligned with your deepest purpose started falling away, piece by piece?

And what if you found a place where you could undergo the transformation you dream of, in a safe and secure place where your “woo” could come out and shine?

You’re invited to join me to start your visionkeeping journey.

Choosing your Rising Sign gives you the best time to start working together.


A 12-month transformational coaching program to discover your own creative rhythm where you learn how to create from a place of flow and ease… by the light of the New Moon.


What if I don’t have my birth chart? I will send you one in PDF and automatically fill out the form with your rising sign, the cost is $15. Click to order a PDF of your Birth Chart or


What if I don’t know my rising sign (based on your birthday and time of birth)? Click to Chani’s website and run your whole sign birth chart.

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