Is this you?

You’re ready for an honest, deep dialogue about life and business because small talk- chit chat is not your thing.

As an explorer of possibility; you want to access your own creative rhythm using the stars. That means JOYFULLY stretching beyond what’s presented and sculpting new stories.

You choose to be Fully Bloomed.

Asking + Living from Choice


Are you out ahead of the pack?

I teach you how to awaken and reconnect with the innate wisdom of WOO that you’ve shunned for the rational and practical.

Trying to “fit in” complicates things; binding up and constricting your creativity and joy.

It’s akin to yelling at your intuition saying…

“It’s not okay for me to be this way!” 

In your session I hear what’s not being said, helping you root out the shame and judgments. We restore your voice so you can make your way in the world- with all of YOU!

Align the practical and mystical you with joy.

The world needs your WOO!

What are you looking for….

I believe in possibility during seemingly impossible times.

Nothing is Healed at the Level it’s Created.

Are you ready to learn proven shamanic activism skills that help you find more
magic with ease and joy in service to your family and community?

We live in revolutionary times

that challenge & inspire us to our core.

The ASK of this moment:

What do I value personally?

What ways am I willing to show up and BE the Change?

Uranus in Taurus. Pluto in Capricorn. Neptune in Pisces.

What does this SHIFT-CHANGE mean for you personally in life and business?

How can you work with the energy?

Become a WayMaker

What are you DREAMING that to CALLS IN new possibilities where none seem feasible? Activating the Oracle within, you become the Oracle Aligned for these times..

Choice Creates the Oracle Aligned aka “the OA.”

Transcend Trauma

Working with your own life experiences we’ll activate the OA energy within you. Because society DOES NOT support the mystical, you’ve given the practical more weight while discounting your own knowing.

Wake up your Interstellar Lightbody

Align & Activate

The Way of the OA is shamanic training is birthed from Michele Grace’s sacred Star Wisdom. Here you’ll learn to embody proven shamanic skills to support you in life and business.

It’s who you truly BE!

Start with the Doodle your Passions Journal

It’s a free e-course that’s helps you work with the archetype of expansion. Jupiter entered the sign of Capricorn for the first time in 12 years! What does that mean for you in life and business? In this e-course learn how to work with the expansion energy….Let’s doodle!

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doodle your passions

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Jupiter is now in the sign of Capricorn for the first time in 12 years! What does that mean for you in life and business? In this module I'll to teach you how to work with the energy....Let's doodle!

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