You’re invited to join me…
Set aside a day of play + planning to create the rest of your 2024

Saturday, June 1st, 2024
Noon to 4PM Eastern
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Michele Grace creates a sacred space where we get to show up and be ourselves. Her gift of astrology, shamanic practices, art, doodling, coaching comes through with such kindness and joy. She supports people to bring their gifts out in the world. I remember when I met her,  she was a light in a place of chaos and I was so drawn to her, Michele Grace is clear, crisp and totally herself! Always a great fun to be with, your Initiate Retreat offers such great fun and powerful teachings… always I want more.

At the June Initiate Retreat on June 1st take stock of where you’re at and start asking

What do I want to create the rest of 2024?

I love helping you work with the Sagittarius (explorer) and Gemini (speaking truth to power) energies, especially at the Full moons (May 23rd) and New Moon (June 6th).

When the Sun moves thru the sign Gemini (5.20-6.20) it’s the best time to hone YOUR vision, find your voice and take creative risks. We work in the Doodles under the Sagittarius FULL moon…

Your fiery passionate Sagittarius nature LOVES to EXPLORE, she is all about claiming your good fortune by saying YES! to your VISION.

​When there is a NEW Moon in Gemini (6.6.2024) and FULL Moon in Sag (5.23.2024) there is a CALL to FIND your Voice and take a risk.

The ask is for joy and innovation.

It’s time to say…

Whoot^^ what else is possible?

At the Initiate Retreat I ask you to follow your lightness. Asking your body, does this feel light or heavy?

When you collaborate with your body, you start to follow your lightness, invoking what’s asking to be created. More time, more clarity, more money.

I’m gifted at teaching clients and students how to recognize this inner rhythm in life and business so they can forge a path of inspiration and joy.

Maybe you’ve run into a pocket of resistance. Maybe you are started spinning.

When you play in the Initiate Retreat doodles, that stuck energy starts to alchemically unwind whatever is going on in this moment.

During Saturday’s four-hour initiate retreat, you’ll work with image, art and intention…. taking stock, gathering, integrating, and then finally invoking YOUR play-full JOY into the ask.

What’s your ask of the rest of the year?

Summer is about blooming…what’s blooming for you…. choosing to do the work now so you have something wonder-full to harvest in the fall.

A course, a book, a new methodology…. let’s start with the question.

Be BRAVE and BOLD with your ASKS!

It’s time.

Join us at the June Initiate Retreat!

Connect to what your heart longs to share…

Let your weirdness shine. . . 

Tell your story, without blame, shame or judgment.

Build a business that reflects

YOUR heart’s knowing…

Understand this will unfold and shift over time.

Inspire others through your presence to work with you.

Decide to “Go be seen by choice, not by chance.”

Doodle with Michele Grace

As one dear client put it…

“Yes, yes and a million times yes.
Last year’s set me on a wonder-filled path for this year.”

Get the Recordings + Doodle Workbook

Join us live on Saturday, setting aside 4-hours to play straight through or 

if you can’t make the live session work one module at a time. Do it your way.

It’s that powerful.

It’s planning for those who love thinking outside the box.

The lightness, doodles, quirkiness, and powerful shamanic container you offer has changed my life. Each year I work with you, I see how the me that showed up has shifted so much. Always asking, “What feels light?” I’m grateful for you. You let me be me. The “me” I didn’t know I could be.

Monica Kenton

Instead of…

Commitment ask

What lights me up today?
How have I spent time in communion with my business?
What is the ask of me today?
Will this _______ create more in five years?

Goals. Planning.

Where am I in my cycle of creating?
What feels juicy to create at this moment?
Does this light up my body?
Business how would you like to create with me?

Opt-in for Immersion

Where can I have this and more in my business?
How does this create more money?
What future am I creating with my choices?

More Ease. More Joy =  Space to Create

Dear friend,

In Life and Business I follow my lightness, asking “what wants to be created in my business?”

Initiate 2024 is not like any other planning retreat… because I DO planning the a different way.

I’ll teach you how to ask and follow your inner joy. It’s how I started my first business (and then my healing practice) with a dream and no money, that grew into a $500,000 enterprise.

Where have you invested money in a coach, training or process only to find you lost momentum?

Then judged yourself wrong for making such a ‘bad choice’?

What if you were never wrong?

What if it was not the right time and you were far ahead of yourself?

You just didn’t know or understand. There’s a huge gift in your ability to future see.

As you invested in that future vision, the momentum lost was really you playing catch up with your BIG vision.

The judgment creates a wrongness within, that stops your creative flow.

It doesn’t matter whether your investment was $5 or $50,000.

It’s the same damn energy!

What if you do an inventory of all your business investments?

Clear the points of view around judgment and wrongness. What happens when you stop beating yourself up?

What gift will allow you to receive more?

How can I co-create my future with joy?

What way am I discounting the impossible because I haven’t lived it?

Let’s play!


If what I’ve shared here feels light, SIGN-UP!

If you’re on the fence…go for a walk, wash the dishes… ask this question:

Will the Initiate Retreat create more for me in 5 years?

If what I offer feels heavy, then this Initiate Retreat is not for you at this moment in time. I trust your knowing.

With love,

Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard
Certified Money Breakthrough Method® Coach

“Helping you love your “weirdness” while creating space so you can cross the threshold of your genius.”

PS it’s never about the money.

Bravo Valerie!

“Snickertales®, the stories I write for children, really took off since the Initiate Retreat in December.

One of my realizations at the retreat was that I was not respecting it, I was treating it as an “oh, well, I’m just doing this until something better comes along.” It demanded I pay attention. After the Initiate Retreat I gave Snickertales® its own FB page and began to promote it. I now have 130,000 followers in 45 countries. I bought the Snickertales® and Snickertale® web domain names. it’s a lot in a short period of time that bloomed from the Initiate Retreat. Thank you Michele! – Valerie Edgar

“This was so much fun. Could have gone on for hours more. Love the group energy and synergy. Thank you all for your contributions. Michele Grace, many thanks for holding the sacred container and asking the most divinely spot on questions.”

Charlene Christiano

“The secret sauce to your Initiate Retreat, Michele Grace, is creating the space for us to step in, unload, and sift through our stuff. While some of us were cleared for takeoff by the process, some of us are still sifting. And that’s okay. All ways work.LOVE your way AND your work, thank you!!”

Christine Clifton

Your Doodle Retreat includes:

  • 24-page Doodle Workbook PDF (it changes each year)
  • 4-Hour virtual retreat that you work through at your own pace.
  • I guide you through the doodles, as you release what’s here and then
  • Activate your Vision.
  • Re-listen to the audios-videos at anytime.
  • What if I can’t make the session live? Move through the audios and workbook at your own pace.
  • Private Facebook Group to share and ask questions, opens May 30th.
  • BONUS Session: Q&A Group Call Wednesday, June 26th at 11 AM Eastern

Let’s not make this about the Money.
Use the Pay-from-the-Heart
Follow your Lightness.

Hello I’m am Michele Grace Lessirard, a WayMaker, a See’r of patterns; helping you transcend problems and unlock the BRILLIANCE that you truly be! A Near Death Experience at age three awakened the gifts, talents and capacities of an oracle.

As elder shamanic teacher I bring over four decades of entrepreneurial experience, successfully integrating these ancient wisdom skills to grow my business while in service to my family, clients and community. I am the One who is an Interstellar Magi

I encourage you to make use of today’s technology to manifest your BIG dreams. Guiding you to fresh clues to solve problems that previously felt unsolvable. As a spirit-led business woman, healer and artist, I’ve been immersed in the healing arts for over 30 years with wonderful teachers and mentors. I’m a Medicine for the Earth shamanic teacher, a certified Money Breakthrough Method® coach and SoulCollage® facilitator. Along with authoring the Healer Toolkit.



Where am I trying to create MORE from the OLD order?

What if “that order” aka “what works for you” yet may not work for me?

Mulling this question can start to unwind your creativity.

That’s what we do at the Initiate Retreats…

play. create. generate.

What does it take

to create wildly with chaos?

Money Breakthrough Method Coach

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