Feeling slammed by the energies of the moment?

Trying to create something and things are not flowing?

How can shamanic healing session support you?

Together we clear up the stuck places in your life. Every time you move a desire into action resistance will rear its ugly head. It’s part of the creative process. This session helps to clear the past that keeps you from spinning in frustration and doubt. How do I know this is the session for me?

  • You find yourself saying “I haven’t been the same since_____________.”
  • Feeling beside yourself.
  • Hiding out by____________ (you fill in the blank).
  • In a creative lull and lost the “joy of ________”
  • Under charging clients and giving away free advice  “my guides say”.
  • Over giving in client sessions (not valuing your time).
  • Feeling like something is missing. A lack of joy.
  • Not understanding how-to express your soul’s message.
  • Where have you been judged harshly by clients or mentors and then not able to make any forward movement?

Clients and students call me the “resistance whisperer.” Helping you uncover your brilliance and magically dissolve the inner resistance that may be keeping you stuck and broke.

What’s going to happen:

At your 1st Session: Is a dialog along with a ritual to get you ready for the shamanic healing. I’m using advance methods of shamanic healing* following the guidance of my Teachers, Helping Allies, in non-ordinary reality. The first session helps me understand what’s going on in your life.

2nd Session: This sessions usually run 75-90 minutes. I ask that you plan nothing after the session to allow integration to happen. No worries you’ll get details on how to prepare for our time together.

3rd Session:  Follow-up is usually 10-14 days after your healing plan 30 minutes for this session.

Once you order your session, you’ll be taken to an intake form, and then into my appointment calendar.

* Shamanic Healing Methods may include power animal retrieval, extraction healing, heart-centered depossession, curse breaking and/or soul retrieval.

Not sure what you need? then schedule a discovery session. Read all about that here.

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