Here are some of the topics we can dive into (and if you don’t see what you need to work on in this list, lets chat!):

  • Connecting to the “Spirit of your Business”
  • Visioning & Brand Messaging
  • Money Clearings
  • Pricing Your Offers
  • Creating Your Course
  • Next Steps For Your Business
  • Moving Through Blocks using Shamanic Tools
  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Clearing
  • Ideal Client & List Building Strategy
  • Launch Calendar & Launch Strategy

Mentoring by the Light of the Moon

What medicine do you carry? I’ll help you figure it out….

We’ll be working with the “woo of you” that part of your business that is asking for presence. In fact when this part of you is left at the curb, it can create all sorts of wonkiness in your life and business.

We’ll look at what’s working and what’s not- specifically where you are getting stuck…and how to craft a solution that feels right for you. It’s not about throwing someone else’s formula or agenda on top of your business. It’s about deep listening for what your soul longs to create and then taking action from that place of joy.

What if nothing seems to work? I’ve lost traction…. Maybe you stretched to “go there” with another mentor- by putting business coaching on your credit card aka racking up debt through shame and/or coercion (even though you could not afford it). That stretch, those choices can cause all sorts of angst, drama and yes shame. This wonkiness shows up in your creativity and business. It creates soul loss. Many of my clients have been there. Proud to say they’ve healed what needed to be healed and are now creating and making money in their business again.

I want that for you too. Let’s find your joy again.

If what I offer here feels light and right for you, your body will feel it. If you’re on the fence go for a walk outside and connect with nature. Ask this question “Will working with MicheleGrace create more in 5 years?”

Feel into that question. Let it simmer. If the answer is yes, then it’s time to work together. If not, I trust you’ll find your way.

To your joy,


What can we create in 90-days of working together? Magic.

Mentoring by the Light of the Moon Sessions happen on Wednesdays 11 AM-4:00 PM Eastern.  We meetup 7-10 days before the New + Full Moons. During your session I’m looking at your birth chart, running clearings and dissolving resistance as if by magic.

You’ll know this option is right for you if it feels light.

The question is…

“What energy, space and consciousness may I BE to receive this level of support?”

The lightness, doodles, quirkiness, and powerful shamanic container has changed my life. Each year I work with you, I see how the me that showed up has shifted so much. Always asking, “What feels light?” I’m grateful for you. You let me be me. The me I didn’t know I could be.

Monica Kenton

Coach, Shamanic Dream Teacher

Working with Michele Grace, my goals crystallized and I saw the steps I needed to take. Every day, I am grateful to Michele Grace for the wisdom and gentle guidance she has brought to me.

Valerie Egar

Writer, Activist

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens during a session?

When I get on the phone for your session I enter channeling mode,

In shamanism we call this being a “hollow bone”.

I merge with my Teacher for healing and problem solving.

I’m looking at your birth chart, asking questions and running clearings using the tools from Access Consciousness while doing shamanic healing. Typically you leave lighter and laughing. There may be a ritual given, a power song offered. It’s your sacred space.

You session is recorded, and you’ll get the audio within 24-48 hours.

Entering channeling mode means the information I share during your session leaves almost immediately after the call.
Sounds weird doesn’t it… and it’s what happens. If I share something, or say I’m going to send you something and it doesn’t arrive please remind me.

That’s why in olden times, magicians had apprentices, shaman’s had assistants.

What is the minimum commitment?

This is a 90-Day commitment where we are working together, through 3 lunar cycles.

If you’re not sure this coaching package is a fit for you, then I suggest scheduling a Discovery session.

What if I want to pause or stop my session?

You are subscribing to monthly sessions. After the 90-Days you can opt-out by letting me know 15 days prior to your next billing cycle.

What if I want to stop my sessions for a bit? After the initial 90-Day period….no problem. Email my office 15 days before your next billing cycle. You can opt to pause your sessions for 1-2 billing cycles and come back at the same rate.

Opt-out Example:

Your next billing charges on October 20th; then you have 15 days from the next billing cycle to put your sessions on hold. You then email me on or before October 5th.

Want to talk first to see if we are a fit to work together?

I’d love to hear hear what’s working and what’s not working.

I promise no hard sell, I hate that and it’s not my style. Just a conversation to see if you and I are a good fit and whether this would be a good investment for you.

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