Note: I’m not booking new clients as I am taking the time off to start a writing project. Will return in September 2024.

Live the magic

StarSeed Sessions for Influencers. Rebels. Change Agents.

“Let’s LOVE your wyrdness so you can cross the threshold of your genius.”
Your birth chart holds many keys…I see patterns spoken and not spoken…and then offer up a healing solution or ritual.

The planets are mentors and guides…each with their own message and rhythm.
Feeling into the cycles the planets offer, you learn how to work with them
personally, in life and business, so astrology becomes a lived expression.

Bang a drum and shake a rattle. You’ll leave this session renewed.

Are you ready? Sure you are, that’s why you landed here.

Recorded Readings can be schedule for 30-minutes or 45-minute sessions.

You get to ask questions, while I tune in- it’s totally interactive.  We’re working magic to call in what needs tending in your life and business along with what needs releasing so you’ll leave the session lighter.


Genius Activated.

Working with Michele Grace’s Visionkeeping™ process I was able to dream big.

I set a new direction and feel confident in being able to keep a promise to myself to make the dreams come true. The shamanic coaching experience was positive. I’m amazed at shift in my overall state of mind and ability to now see thru the “fog”.

Even my friends are noticing and commenting on it. They say something like -“There’s something happening to you, you have more clarity than ever before.” They are right! It borders on fearlessness and that is so exciting and so hopeful. Walking into the person you were meant to be takes “Someone who gives you the courage to be who we were meant to be” and Michele Grace is a driving force help you be “that” person.

Carolyn Moore

Founder, Director, Modern Widows Club

I came to Michele Grace with a specific problem: Should I stay or leave a mastermind group I was in?

But what I got from our time together was so much bigger than this! Looking at my birth chart Michele Grace led me through a series of questions. I received aha moment, after aha moment! It was incredible! I was able to very, very clearly see that I was surrounded by people whose energy was not only different from my own, but people who were blocking my success.

I was finally able to see how this pattern has repeated itself for me in recent years. Knowing this was invaluable—but Michele Grace also gave me practical ways to help me break this damaging pattern, as well as ways to protect myself (plus, plenty of help in how to find my next perfect group!).

She did this all with gentle humor, clarity, non-nonsenseness (if there is such a word) and with no judgment whatsoever. I felt very strongly that she was holding me firmly and lovingly as we walked through the process.

Stephanie Pedersen

Nutrionist, Author

Shamanic Astrologer and Teacher Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, C.Ht is an award winning business strategist who moves women in the creative healing arts from “woo-woo to who’s who with heart-centered profitability tools.”

Michele Grace can help you clear blocks and limitations so you can build a thriving businesses YOU LOVE. She is a certified Money Breakthrough Method® coach and a SoulCollage® facilitator; is best known for successfully teaching women how to ignite their dreams and unlock their brilliance.