Half-Day Intensives…


What is going to happen if I admit I know what I know?

Write | Speak | Teach what I know?
Take the stage- give voice- with what I know to be true?
Am I willing to step into the possibilities?

These questions are worth journaling about… they are going to kick-up long buried crap you’ve been dragging around for eons. Been there, done that.

These Half-Day Intensives are for those WayMakers- leaders, teachers, healers, warriors- who are ready to tell their story and take the stage. There are a number of ways your story and the content you create can be shaped and shared that lights you up. Consider these Half-Day Intensives for getting it done and out into the world. We use the doodles, questions along with the Marketing for Healers Toolkit to direct your energy in a focused way…. to create momentum, serve more clients and make more money.

In construction we call this FAST-TRACKING a project. That’s what we do together…we fast track your story and content. 

Let’s Map You!

MapMe! Sessions are 75-90 minutes. Great to use as a visual dialog of your Vision. Through a series of channeled questions I help you move past resistance (fear) into your BIG Dream! with ease and grace (yes this may include a money breakthrough). You’ll leave the session lighter along with a vision of what really matters.

Check out the exact details below.

Do a VIP Day

This is a 4-5-hour session using the Initiate Doodle Prompts. Want to move into action? Use this option if you don’t have time to coach for 3-6 months. We can map out your pipeline, offers, along with a solid marketing plan. Results and outcome are what you are investing in.

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Day of Voxer

An all day session using Voxer a text + voice app. There a gentle pace to these sessions. Using Voxer to Chat, Get Unstuck and Moving Forward in your Blog or Business. Use this option if you want to fast-track an idea, get a solid foundation…and get feedback on what you’re creating.

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Are you ready to:

  • Activate your Brilliance!
  • Stop the struggle that’s keeps you spinning into overwhelm?
  • Clear money beliefs that may be holding your family hostage- maybe for eons!
  • Tap into more creativity with ease and grace?

If so then read on…

I have mad skills in ‘drawing down’ + synthesizing what you desire…

I love to draw. Came in handy in my interior designer business where I worked on blueprints and schematics- designing hotels and restaurants- from the design to installation.  I KNOW first hand how to take a dream and build it into something real and tangible.

65% of us are visual learners. Your brain processes 60,000 times faster than reading text. That’s why I created the Map ME! process- a visual blueprint + powerful coaching session that grounds your desires and core values into a story board form. Why not integrate visual mapping into your coaching experience!

Let me help you map your vision. Get a money breakthrough. MapMe! Sessions are fun. Easy. Powerful.

Is interactive + fun

Through a series of channeled questions I help you move past resistance (fear) into your BIG Dream! with ease and grace (yes this may include a money breakthrough). We talk about your life and business, what you want the coming year to look and feel like. I access your akashic records to get your soul symbols.

I doodle your map while asking you a series of questions; however it may also be somewhat provocative for you as well.

How long does it take?

Expect 60-75 minutes live or virtual interview + then I go into the Studio to draw your Map. Your MapMe! is sent our in a PDF format 10-14 days later. There’s a 15-minute follow-up once you have your MapMe! to discuss.

Clients tell me that the ideas on their MapME!’s start manifesting right away. How cool is that!

My promise? You’ll have breakthroughs along with lots of ah-has.

Are you like Jessica? Your ideas are “EVERYWHERE!”and you need a place to distill them down? 

Schedule a VIP Day

Your Planning Session with Michele Grace Lessirard helps you nail down the content strategy needed to grow your income. Results and outcome are what you are investing in. This is for you if you are fully committed to taking action:

  • You want a complete business marketing plan in one day.
  • Want to get off the wheel of indecision and overwhelm.
  • Desire personal attention…private 1:1 time with a mentor who gets you.

During our time together we map out what’s needed in your marketing, message and pricing. You’ll leave with a sigh of relief knowing you have a workable plan that is tailored to your vision. A plan that is doable and profitable.

This 4-hour session generally takes place between 10am- 4pm eastern.

In-person events: You drive or fly into Tallahassee Airport. For the day we work in my studio in Tallahassee, Florida.

From your home or office: Your session can easily be done via Zoom. Afterwards there are two 30-minute follow-up coaching calls plus 30 days of email support for accountability and clarity.

Your VIP session involves deep listening as we work with your Soul’s blueprint, the akashic records along business building strategies. We explore current opportunities and challenges with focus, clarity and purpose. You’ll leave the session with a practical vision, content that makes sense for YOU, a plan of action and accountability.


Are you willing to step into what is possible?

Working with Michele Grace’s Vision*keeping process I was able to dream big. I set a new direction and feel confident in being able to keep a promise to myself to make the dreams come true. The shamanic coaching experience was positive. I’m amazed at shift in my overall state of mind and ability to now see thru the “fog”. Even my friends are noticing and commenting on it. They say something like -“There’s something happening to you, you have more clarity than ever before.” They are right! It borders on fearlessness and that is so exciting and so hopeful. Walking into the person you were meant to be takes “Someone who gives you the courage to be who we were meant to be” and Michele is a driving force help you be “that” person.

Carolyn Moore

Founder, Director, Modern Widows Club

Want to talk first to see if we are a fit to work together?

I’d love to hear hear what’s working and what’s not working.

I promise no hard sell, I hate that and it’s not my style. Just a conversation to see if you and I are a good fit and whether this would be a good investment for you.