Clients come to me sharing “I haven’t been the same since…

  • studying with that professor, teacher, mentor, coach.
  • I was in her mastermind group and things went wonky.
  • I invested in that program and was mentored by __________.
  • I led a mastermind group, one student became the instigator, then the community ganged up on me…. truth is I’ve never fully recovered.
  • My intellectual property was stolen and now I can’t get traction.
  • My creativity, the mojo I had can’t be found.

This drama/trauma is a form of soul loss that entrepreneurs encounter along the way, and I want help you clear the path forward so you can create magic in your business once again.

Emergency Turn-Around

When the shadow comes into play there are unconscious, hidden agendas and agreements that operate. Once you leave the sphere of influence with the community and/or the teacher|coach|mentor it’s hard to get traction.

  • I’ve worked with clients who invested thousands of dollars then found themselves hard put to create new pathways in their business.
  • I’ve worked with clients who experienced shame and bullying… by the teacher | coach | mentor and/or in their mastermind groups.
  • I’ve worked with Teachers|Clients|Mentors who were bullied by their students|clients and then had trouble creating $$ and being seen again.
  • and then there’s the attack that happens when something you post goes viral and you are shamed on social media 

This trauma|drama leaves energetic scars; throwing more money at it through another coaching program is not the answer.

Where am I stopped at the gate of creativity?

Whose energy is holding me hostage?

Psychic attack is real; it creates soul loss. Many of my clients have been there. Proud to say they’ve healed what needed to be healed and are now creating and making money in their business again.

I want that for you too. Let’s find your joy again.

If what I offer here feels light and right for you, your body will feel it. If you’re on the fence go for a walk outside and connect with nature. Ask this question “Will working with MicheleGrace create more in 5 years?”

Feel into that question. Let it simmer. If the answer is yes, then it’s time to work together. If not, I trust you’ll find your way.

To your joy,


For Waymakers, Change Agents, Renegades and Revolutionaries whose focus is on healing, recovery and integration as the pathway to creativity.

Sessions happen on Wednesdays 11 AM-4:00 PM Eastern.  We meetup 7-10 days before the New + Full Moons. During your session I’m looking at your birth chart, running clearings and dissolving resistance as if by magic.

You’ll know this option is right for you if it feels light.

The question is…

“What energy, space and consciousness may I BE to receive this level of support?”

The lightness, doodles, quirkiness, and powerful shamanic container has changed my life. Each year I work with you, I see how the me that showed up has shifted so much. Always asking, “What feels light?” I’m grateful for you. You let me be me. The me I didn’t know I could be.

Monica Kenton

Coach, Shamanic Dream Teacher

Working with Michele Grace, my goals crystallized and I saw the steps I needed to take. Every day, I am grateful to Michele Grace for the wisdom and gentle guidance she has brought to me.

Valerie Egar

Writer, Activist

Want to talk first to see if we are a fit to work together?

I’d love to hear hear what’s working and what’s not working.

I promise no hard sell, I hate that and it’s not my style. Just a conversation to see if you and I are a good fit and whether this would be a good investment for you.

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