“To each is given the manifestation of Spirit for the common good.”

Coaches and Helping-Prenuers

Let’s talk about risk and your clients.*

You’re working with a dear client, they have gifts to offer, wanting it to manifest yet there they are spinning for no apparent reason. They’re stuck.

There’s a strong desire to step up and live their brilliance, yet doubt is starting to settle in and they’re frustrated. What to do?

Telling someone “Feel the fear and do it anyway” may not work. There’s something deeper going on that your client can’t name. Or if they have named it, they think it’s real and will be with them forever.

Fear can be fuel, yet it can also be un-resolved trauma/drama (which the do-it-anyway creates more abuse). Is your client able to discern what’s true for them and discover how to take appropriate action? We’ve all tried to navigate this energy…some fears are conscious, some are hidden…

Don’t I need to apply?

I want this method to be out in the world… like yesterday. If you want to be a carrier of this wisdom then I have good news. I’ve dropped the application… you may be asking why.

Here’s my truth…when “the ask” landed to teach this course I had never taught this healing modality before; it was a bit scary about how teaching this would turn out.

That’s what a Beta Lab is about, exploring, experimenting and implementing. Out of the 45+ people who have gone through the Long Distance Healing Lab only 2 people have had issues… and those “learning bumps” were easily handled.

When asked the “spirit of my business” if the application was still needed and the answer was no.

Okie Dokie.

Would you like a spiritual tool to break through this energy as if by magic?

I’m Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard and for the last 30 years I’ve helped women, leaders in business, heal from trauma and access new levels of creativity. Nothing is healed at the level it’s created, you must access a higher order, the spiritual plane for manifestation to occur.

In this course I’ll teach you how to dissolve and transmute patterns of abuse using spiritual methods I developed over the past two decades that are simple yet profound.

You can use this method with your clients in 1:1 sessions and/or in group settings right away.

What is long distance healing?

Long distance healing is working with a client remotely, collaborating with source…to bring healing solutions and problem solving to the issue at hand. it works.

It’s a modality I’ve worked with for over two decades. There isn’t any certification, your sincere desire creates the heart path. You can work with what I’m going to teach and take the skills out into your community right away to work with private 1:1 clients.

As a reluctant healer this “long distant healing method” was the only way I worked for five years, because I was too scared to be in the same room with the client. That was 1993.

It’s akin to remote viewing; one that is safe and yes miracles happen. If reading this and your body is saying YES! then fill out the application to join me in the lab.

Is this for you?

  • Are you a healer-coach who wants to hone their skills in this long distance modality?
  • Are you longing to make a difference in your family, clients and community to help bring calm out of the chaos?
  • Are you ready to take a leap of faith and trust spirit has your back?
  • Yes, you can have a “doubting Thomas” and still do this wisdom work.

Your heart’s desire creates the opening for the experiences to unfold….in a wonderful new way.

This Lab consists of 4-modules where you’ll be working with symbol and finding the long distance healing container that is right for you and your client.

You’ll learn how to put your tools to work with exchange sessions, as both the client and the healer. Gifting and receiving.

The final session is about Marketing for Healers where we cover what to charge, how to set up the sessions and get clients into your calendar right away.

Module 1: Playing with Portals.

Module 2: Working with The Healing Triad®

Exchange: 3-Hour Practice Exchange as Client | Healer

Module 3: Finding your Way, Implementing the Great Work.

Module 4: Marketing for Healers: Money. Meaning. Marketing.


Dates to be Announced for 2022

This summer session is postponed until the fall so I can focus on a writing project.

Dates to be Announced

How much does this cost?

Pay-In-Full $270 or
3-Part Payment of $90

Bonus: The June Mid-Year Initiate Retreat (Value $97) when you register by April 11th.

Does this offer feel light?
Then it’s a YES!

Will this course create more in your life 5 years from now?
YES! then you have your answer.

Confused, not sure?
Then go outside and be with Nature.  Journal.  Sleep on it.​
I trust your inner knowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why this method when I trained in other modalities?

This is not Reiki, SOP, Healing Touch or Theta…. I know because well trained + seasoned healers who have taken the course have told me so.

What will it take to UNHOOK from the DEMAND of Certification?

Will I be certified? Don’t I need Certification? No you don’t need it.

Long distance methods are usually glanced over in training, and/or treated like an afterthought. Or there is a Teacher standing there saying “you must be certified to use this method.” I call bullshit on that.

This Long Distance Method and the way I teach the course changes the way healers do healings and the way they embody their healership.  My ask of you today is to journal using this question “What will it take for me to UNHOOK from the DEMAND of Certification?”

I am on a mission to teach this to as many women as I can in the coming months…. so you are empowered with these skills to meet the coming times.

What skills do I need?

Your sincere desire creates the container for the healing experiences to unfold. You can be a seasoned healing practitioner and/or a newbie healer and get full measure from this learning. Since this was the first skill on my healing path…I know what that newbie energy is like…and how it can be just as potent as a learned healer. If this course calls to you…and lights up your body with joy… then say yes.

What happens after the course?

Once you go through all the modules, you continue your journey in my online community. Here you can share your healing experiences with clients and get feedback.

You are welcome to attend the course again (and again) to refresh or hone your skills.

Can I teach this healing method?

No. By signing up you agree not to teach it yet. Taking this course allows you to work with clients 1:1 and in a group setting.

Teacher Training starts January 9th, 2021. Once you complete the Teaching Modules you may teach the Healing Triad® method to students. Looking for information on Teacher Training? Click Here

Prerequisite for the Teacher Training: Completing the Long Distance Healing Lab along with practical client work.

Can I take this again?

I love that you want to audit the course again…and you’re not alone. Many of my students repeat the course to enhance their skills, and they like being in community with the students.

As such I offer special pricing for you to audit the course again as many times as you want. The investment for this is $50. Click to register and pay as alumnae.


“We need teachers who know how to address the needs of the present and the coming times.

Michele Grace is one of these brilliant and creative teachers who holds a light to help her students thrive and not just survive.” – Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth

What students are saying…

Benefits for me? I feel dialed into source energy; it is easier to get out of my way and function from a spiritual perspective doing the doing the method.

Benefits of each session for my clients? I find that each session has the essence of being unique to revealing the unspoken and spoken needs my client needs to hear that day and is open to receiving that day.

Before this long-distance healing lab I was experimenting with different ways to deliver distance healing.  I had pivoted my business to online distance healing due to covid19. This technique gave me the container to wrap my clients in a protective sacred space for healing and the results have been amazing.

Truth is I am smittened by the gentleness and compassion from the helping spirits to deliver a beautiful healing that is unique to each client. The Long Distance Healing Method is my go-to treatment now for all my clients. Thank you, Michele, for this beautiful gift to my soul.

The improvements I have experienced since participating in this lab are that I am more intuitive during the treatment.  Symbols and messages come to me easily and effortlessly and they have significant meaning to my clients. Also, I have this wonderful opening and closing image that comes to me to know when to start and when to finish. I believe that the format of this course, being over 4-weeks is key to absorbing, understanding, and integrating the process of this technique. Thank you 🙏 Michele! You are a blessing to the world. 

Cindy Palajac

Soulful Business Coach & Energy Healing Instructor

I cannot say enough about this new tool I have! Michele Grace Lessirard truly has a gift of sharing what the universe gives to her. This distance healing has helped me with my personal healing and looking forward to sharing this healing with others.- Beth

As a beginner (zero experience with long distance healing), this workshop gave me the hands-on tools, as well as the bravery, to show up and meet folks where they are at. It’s a (very loose) formula that shows that “all ways work” (a favorite saying of Michele’s). I’m still learning and growing in my practice, and this has been an empowering, healing, step into creating my own future and a soul-preneur step as well. – Jammi

Nothing could be more vital for these times than a healing technique that works remotely. Michele’s class opened new vistas in how I think about energetic healing and taught me life-changing skills that I use daily.- Valerie

About Michele Grace

A Near Death Experience at age three awakened the gifts, talents and capacities of an oracle.

Michele Grace is a WayMaker,  a see’r of patterns;

helping you transcend problems and
unlock the BRILLIANCE that you truly be!

An elder shamanic teacher she brings over two decades of practical healing experience, successfully integrating these ancient wisdom skills in service to her family, clients and community. This method is birthed from her Starseed Wisdom, she is an

InterStellar Magi

* Who do you work with?

I work with “the reluctant _________.”  Medicine carriers aka healers, entrepreneurs, business owners aka Way Showers aka “woman of woo”… who want to step into their brilliance with confidence, letting go of what’s stopping you. Click here to talk with me.