As a healer and SoulCollage® facilitator I know it’s hard for some to spread their wings, go out and be seen.

This is the year to move into action and step out. Go be seen. One way is to through Meet-up. I started using Meet-up to introduce women to the SoulCollage® process, committing myself to 6 monthly events locally, and this post on Marketing for Healers shares some tips and tricks.

The first Meet-up in November found me sitting alone at Panera Bread Company. When no one showed up my first reaction “oh my this isn’t going to work”. **Sigh** Because of the holidays I decided to do the 2nd session as a Meet-up teleclass- 10 women showed up for the call. ** yeah **

After a session Meet-up emails people who attend the session (RSVP) and asks them to rate the session and comment. I sense the positive feedback build’s momentum encouraging more to join in, so the next month 10 wonderful women showed up. I had a blast presenting and everyone took to the SoulCollage® process like ducks to water.

It’s so heart warming to see women jump in, start playing with the images and sharing their stories. All the Meet-ups are held in the dining room at a Panera Bread Company (it’s very slow at this time of day, so they are grateful for the business).

One thing I’d do differently- talk to the manager before hand to share with him what I am doing. I created space to teach by pulling four tables together, but one could sit at their own table and create. Snacks, coffee and drinks were readily available.

I brought a basket of images. Each person received 2 blank cards, 2 blank sheets of 8 x 11 white card stock. As a work surface I used an oversized place mat size, 12 x 18, sheet of paper. This same sheet folded in half acted like a file folder to protect the work, take the images and cards home.

Self introductions and a short SoulCollage® presentation lasted 30 minutes, then we cut and pasted for 90 minutes. Two women are SoulCollagers- both were happy to find me and shared how they love working in the SoulCollage® process.

We laughed and shared. Many asked for a longer session. I like Meet-up because the system takes care of the details, announcing the meet-up, taking RSVP’s, allowing payments through PayPal and a message board; it’s a great forum for building community. From a marketing standpoint I am putting into action the concepts presented in Andrea Lee’s work. These SoulCollage® Meet-ups like the little taster spoons one gets at an ice cream store.

Come in, sample this and see if you want to stay.