A cyber-friend wrote on her blog “I am sick and ashamed of being sick. I can’t shake the feeling of malaise that’s been with me now for over a month.” The energy of her words hung with me this morning. Having read this gifted artist’s blog for over a year I am a witness to her story.

This isn’t a chronic illness but one of those colds/flu/respiratory infections that just seems to linger on and deplete the zest for life. I have been there too, for me it usually manifests at the crossroads of creative change.

Do I leave a comment, share what I know from a shamanic perspective? That illness speaks of soul loss and a soul retrieval may be needed? Here are my thoughts on when it’s a good time to ’call the shaman.’

Creative Visionaries [artists, writers and healers] can get lost in their healing process, stop at a juncture, fight the transition and repeat patterns that no longer serve us because of past conditioning or karmic constraints.

We can have a huge awakening, peel back several layers and declare we are complete. You’ll hear the person say “I have DONE my healing work!”  Have you done intense emotional work on yourself and then declared I am complete. Are you really?

Physical manifestations (illness) are the last threshold the energy [ch’i] reaches when it crystallizes into illness and develops in the body. Illness is a sacred call. Healing is an ongoing process… Mother Nature mirrors for us this dance of the seasons within-cycles and rhythms, harmony and balance.

As a Creative Visionary*

we tune into the subtle energies within and around us:

To be creative is the ability to bring something new into being – an idea, an object, or an action. To have visions means “seeing” in our mind’s eye images or impressions of things before they are realized. Putting together the ability to have visions and then creatively bring them to life, makes us “creative visionaries”.

A creative visionary is someone who envisions possibilities, has inspired ideas and sees ways to bring these into being. It is someone who is a “seer” – someone who dreams of ways to express their creativity.-Carol Walsh

If you are ill, you may be caught in the death phase of a creative cycle…death of the old way gives birth to a new concept, dream, idea. The illness may be a symptom of slowing things down, stopping the energy while you get your bearings. If it goes on for more than 21 days? Then it is a good time to call a shaman.

Shaman’s deal with the spiritual essence of the person. Once the medical doctor is consulted, the tests run, the antibiotics taken and still there isn’t a shift for the better it’s time to call a shaman. There’s a reason why you can’t shake off the crud…it’s spiritual.

The shaman is concerned with finding the spiritual cause of your dis-ease. She looks for help from the spirit world to heal the individual by journeying. It’s simple.

  • If you feel numbed out by what’s unfolding around and within you, then it’s time to call the shaman.
  • If your zest for life seems depleted, and you can’t seem to find your joy or passion, it’s time to call a shaman.
  • If your body can’t shake off an infection, and antibiotics aren’t working, it’s time to call a shaman.
  • If you find yourself in a run of bad luck and misfortune, it’s time to call a shaman.
  • If you find yourself saying to friends and family [and in your mind] “I haven’t been the same since_____ [my divorce, the accident, the surgery].” It’s time to call a shaman.

The Universe asks you to wake up to the cycles in our own life. When we get stuck in the malaise, then it’s a good time to call the shaman.

Michele is an artist, shamanic healer and teacher.

*A Creative Visionary is a trailblazer in his or her respective field. They see a problem or solution others don’t and create a solution which opens an untapped niche or market. Creative Visionaries are often misunderstood for their innovation. In truth, creative visionaries keep our world fresh with new ideas and processes.