Who in your life was born under the sign of Taurus? At this New Moon in Taurus what lessons does that person have to share? How have they inspired you, tweaked you, challenged you? I wonder…

My Nana, still going strong, is 101 years young in a couple of days. Today I made a SoulCollage® card to honor her birth (1908 what was life like back then?) and presence in my life. Over a decade ago while in BB school of healing I needed family members to practice on between sessions; Nana was the first one to volunteer. *smile*

In this healing method, of laying on of hands, one starts at the feet and moves sequentially up the body…it’s intimate, it’s awkward for a newbie who has to take notes. At some point we both merged, the room became infused with the scent of roses and in that sacred moment I woke up to the wisdom my Nana’s body and spirit held; a gift that even now remembering leaves me humbled. She healed, I healed as the Ancestors sang.

A SoulCollage® Card to honor Nana

I am the One who is strong and stands proud.
I am Grace, affectionately known as Nana and Nanny
As a daughter I was deeply loved
Today I am surrounded by the love of family…
my children, my grandchildren,
great-grandchildren, great-great grandchildren.

Born April 27, 1908, I am 101 years young,
I once dreamed of being a teacher.
Then fell in love, married at sixteen
and birthed three sweet babies
In a time when young women were told
To stay home, to keep quiet,
To just put up with the things men did,
I didn’t. Why should I?
Strong willed… I do things my way.

Though divorce took my children;
another sweet baby came my way.
I am forever a Mother of four ~
Carl, Betty Anne, Myrna and Janie.

In the world
I worked    I played   I loved.
I traveled   I dined    I wined   I shopped    I lived.

As young adults my sweet babes came back.
Making up for time lost, we mended wounds,
forgave and loved each other even more.
So while I endured great sorrows, I found great joy.
My presence in your life teaches many things…

Life gives you a bit of everything,
I leave a legacy of strength,
determination and faith
to persevere in times of trouble
Keep your head held high,
things will turn around.
You’ll see.

While the earth shall soon dissolve for me,
As an Ancestor remember my legacy
I am the One who is Amazing Grace,
with you always in heart and spirit.
Smell the roses as you carry on.