What follows came to me as a channeling in 1998 after listening to a lecture about the Jupiter cycle. Each time you read this post may the words will take you deeper into your own knowing.

Everything on
the earth is connected to a rhythm and cycle. A cycle progresses from
one state to another, and if you reflect on your life in relationship
to the planetary cycles, especially the Moon, Sun and Saturn, you can
begin to discern the patterns and teachings life is offering you. It
helps you to Grow what you Know.

Knowing is that seed you were born to offer as service to
others. In your birth chart it’s found in the 11th house of service, so
a key is to looking at the sign on your 11th house, and reflect on how
the creative gifts of the 5th house feeds that area.

The sooner
you understand these energies, the sooner your life experience begins
to make sense. If you need a deeper understanding of this energy I
suggest scheduling an astrology session with me, so you can really dig
in and begin to collaborate with the soul energy that wants expression
at this time in your life.

The Moon

The Moon who goes from new to
full and back to new – a continuous loop every 28/29 days. This cycle is found in the microcosm of your chart (Soul) and the macrocosm of
the Universe (World Soul). At the new phase of the cycle there is a
beginning seeds are planted (new), sprout (crisis), fruit (full) and
harvest (new seeds).

The seeds are planted again and again at each new moon.

At the first quarter the seeds in the dark burst forth with energy,
head up towards the light and sprout; or the seeds abort their growth-
never to manifest. This period is called “crisis-in-action” because
there is extreme pressure to overcome the inertia from the past so we
can move into the future.

The Sun

Each Spring when the Sun enters the sign Aries you are called to
pioneer your soul’s gift, much like the bow of a ship cutting through
water. It’s a great time to plant seeds of intention, to create your
vision board. Then in the Summer as Sun enters Cancer those intentions
are bearing fruit, by fall when the Sun enters Libra there is something tangible to harvest and
in winter-Sun enters Capricorn- we reflect on what has been created, getting ready to begin the cycle

May 2000 Conjunction In Taurus

Jupiter’s cycles are 12 years in length, Jupiter is relates to the
2nd chakra, the emotional body. Jupiter wants us to expand into new
territory, leave the established shores and trust we’ll be guided along
the way. To trust we must first be able to transform the feeling state,
to transmute negative feelings such as fear, doubt, shame, anger and

Saturn cycles are 28/29 years in length; Saturn’s energy wants you
to move forward with two feet firmly planted. It’s a root chakra energy
that demands you be in this world and work effectively. If you are
grounded in the body then you can manifest your hopes, wishes and
dreams. Saturn and Jupiter work together, Jupiter expands while Saturn
contracts- its a push pull energy that goes on within and around us.

In May of 2000 Jupiter and Saturn met at 23 degrees of Taurus-
called the Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction*. The Saturn/Jupiter meet up
(21-26° Taurus) is activated or triggered at planetary events [i.e.,
new and full moons, Mercury retrogrades, Mars and Venus transits].

Taurus energies wants each of us to know our value, our true worth, our
ability to trust ourself. In Taurus we are shown where we have settled
for something that no longer serve us. Taurus is tied to material
goods, thus the collective has encountered two stock market
corrections, housing crisis, pandemic scares, and terror attacks. There
is a teaching there for each of us in the Taurus area of our charts,
specifically at 23°.

Paradigms are being birthed as the old forms are challenged and
dismembered allowing new archetypes to manifest. You are seeded with
alchemical gold that began to appear in 1987 representing your
spiritual gift of World Service (Carolyn Myss calls this your Sacred
Contract) from a foundation of love, compassion and wisdom.

Easter-Cycle of Restoration-1987-1999
This period defined who we are.
We tap into this energy at each April Full Moon [Libra].
Where we came from…

From 1987 through 1999 the forces of restoration- representing the
Christed energies began awakening in the hearts and minds of people all
around the world. Think of what the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987
represented for Humanity. We are the Light Workers, Light Bearers. This
is everyone, awake or not [at this point I try to refrain from judging
the energy of anything being bad or good]. There is no judgment to be
made from an alchemical perspective.

Wesak-Cycle of Renovation-1999-2012
This period is defining what we value.
We greet this energy at each May Full Moon [Scorpio].
Where we are now…

Renovation always means something has to be dismembered and then put
back together. In 1999 the Christed energies began blending with the
Buddha energies representing the embodiment of Light. This is the
second phase of a 24 year period ending in 2012 when the period of
Goodwill manifests on Earth. This current Wesak cycle celebrates the
Christ and Buddha energies coming together- East and West manifesting
through the right use of will and right use of mind that embodies the
love/wisdom principle. These energies are rapidly manifesting within
the human psyche-the collective unconscious and come from cycles that
began before this current lifetime.

The old way seeks to promote a battle between dark and light. The longer we hold this good/bad concept, the more out of sorts our life will become. We see the old form being played out on the world stage at the present
moment. Yet at the same time remember we were collectively seeded with gold. Through the act of
transfiguration we merged the dark side of our nature [the shadow] with
the light that manifests the radiant gold seed. It is in everyone.

On August 11, 1999 there was a total eclipse of the Sun at 18
degrees Leo. When energy such as this manifests, it makes a mark on the
plate. When another planet passes over the mark, it affects the plate
and sounds forth its message. This eclipse marked the plate in the four
fixed areas in your chart- the places within our psyches where we are
most stubborn and rigid- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are the cornerstones of a
This area is being renovated collectively. When I am able to
see the long range goal, I relax into the moment with
focus and intention. Intent is a spiritual tool.

We have collectively reached a “crisis in action” point in the
renovation cycle where our creative self-expression is called forth to
synthesize the lower self (ego) into a cohesive unit. The four fixed
signs represents one of the facets of the lower self:

  • Taurus is the physical body
  • Leo is the mental body
  • Scorpio is the emotional body
  • Aquarius is the synthesizer

Aquarius unites the three lower bodies -1st, 2nd and
3rd chakras into a cohesive unit-heart and mind for use by your light
body or Soul infused personality.
The task is to move to a higher
vibration by working with your shadow, engage the negative intent that
keeps us separate from one another and the God of our understanding.
Look for energy related to anger, fear and doubt. A person who
understand this process undergoes an alchemical process of
transmutation through transfiguration. Lead[Saturn] transforms to
Gold/Love[Sun]. The Human is a Light bearer which is a symbol of

Taurus represents self esteem, self worth and what we
Within months of the 1999 eclipse there was a planetary line-up
further activating the Taurus impulse- the stock market collapsed,
corporate raiders were revealed. Self-esteem, self-worth, the “I have”
energy around values based on material things like making money is
undergoing a deep spiritual transformation. Renovation is the key until

Leo is about joy. Manifesting joy from a deeply spiritual
place and then taking that passion joyfully out into the world. Joy is
an inside job. If your mind is full of chatter and in chaos doubting
your self worth, and refusal to surrender then it is difficult to tap
into your joy and passion. The fruit/seed thoughts abort and

Scorpio is about deep transformation. It asks you to
surrender, to let go of what stops you. Emotions are cleansed through
the Scorpio aspect. Then you are light.

What have you let go of since 1999?
What is your current “crisis in action”?
What do you still hold onto?

Aquarius is the awakener, the rebel. At the time of the
eclipse in 1999 Uranus was already in its own sign of Aquarius for the
first time in 84 years. Uranus moved into Pisces on March 10, 2003.

Uranus has imbued its energy upon in Aquarius collectively/universally
and within your own chart. The fruit of Uranus in Aquarius manifested
from March 2003-2004. In Aquarius you are the point of light- a bright
beam radiating in the dark for all to see. There is no dance between
dark and light because its has merged and synthesized.

Sandra Ingerman in her 2003 Transmutation Newsletter states:

In the language of Aramaic
there is no word for “good” or “evil”. In Aramaic the words would be
“ripe” and “unripe. As we make judgments about the goodness or evil
manifested in the world right now I encourage you to work with the
metaphor of ripe and unripe. It really helps shift perspective about
the forces being played out [in the world].

Many who are asleep are now called to wake up. Birth is
not without pain. Mothers who have labored to birth a child know this.
If you have been actively walking this path since 1987 you are called
now to help others wake up from the sleep by modeling your passion and
joy, radiating your light. This isn’t about doing- it is about “being”.
Finding your divinity and being the gold. Everything comes into balance.

In August of 1999 Jupiter was in Taurus heralding this
auspicious event. Jupiter represents fusion. Expansion, good fortune.
Jupiter’s force is instrumental in blending the lesser duality of head
and heart, mind and love in order to produce wisdom. Jupiter’s
unfolding cycle that began in August of 1999 is evoking the Law of
Right Human Relations into the fabric of each of our lives. This
eclipse started the Buddha/Christ 12 year cycle. That cycles renews
again in 2012. The energy is calling to your heart and soul:

  • What do you value?
  • What is it you came to share with others?
  • At each new moon in Aries three spiritual Festivals unfold esoterically.

Look to Aries section of your birth chart. Look where Mars
is found. Where is Jupiter in your chart? Your Greater Story is
unfolding that is related to these three festivals. Kryon talks about
these energies in the Books 8 & 9. Now is the time you have been
waiting for.

What is your little story- little self? Here’s your
victim/perpetrator, “I am not good enough, smart enough, etc., I never
have money, I am afraid. . .

What is your myth- the Greater Story of your soul/self fused? I am divine. I know God. I am Light.

Which energy supports your passion and joy? Both synthesized!

Commit to `grow what you know’. Even if you don’t fully understand the concept, declare it, and things will start to unfold.

The farmer plants his
seeds and then trusts that the conditions are right within and without,
above and below for the seeds to head for the light and manifest. You
are a divine seed. NOW is about manifesting your radiance- Light.
We have reached a “crisis in action” point as the seeds push up through
the soil out of the darkness. Do not despair, focus and do the
transmutation exercises each day.

At the full moons in April, May and June this spiritual
impulse is deeply felt and ready to anchor within your heart and mind
through the Festivals of Easter (restoration); Wesak (Compassion- love
with wisdom) and Goodwill (synthesis).

Go for the gold. The festivals-
the microcosm of the months April, May and June represent the greater 12 year
cycles of Easter (1987-1999); Wesak (1999-2012) and Goodwill
( 2012-2024).

I encourage you to take your chart and track where the energies are calling you to “grow what you know”.

*The next Saturn/Jupiter conjunction is on December 21, 2020 at 29°
Aquarius. Aquarius represents your spiritual gift of World Service.