“when your biography becomes your biology.”– Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

After a two year sabbatical that was all about transitions- inward and outward my astrology sessions with clients shape-shifted in a great way…

Your inner dance with the Moon’s energy is about meeting those day-to-day transitions. You are called to watch the energy, move into the flow by giving expression to your creativity in a soulful way.

Our time together is intuitive and highly experiential in nature weaving traditional astrology with core shamanism that works at a soul level. My joy is working with practical mystics- women who are ready to step into their power with an open heart and two feet firmly planted on the ground. You are constantly presented with clues on how and where you belong…that shows you what the next step is.

How do you integrate and capture these clues? How do you work with them?

If you are stuck in the past, questioning your own knowing then the answers feel elusive and invisible.

Expect to shift… A shamanic astrology session is a co-creative sacred process between you and the compassionate beings of Light I work with. If you want to sit quietly listening…then please consult with another astrologer.

Our session is a dialog using your birth chart. Your soul’s longing is there, and that radiant higher self starts speaking to us through the chart. Each time you are called to step into this power a choice is made…are ready to take spiritual action?

In collaboration I’ll give you tools using your chart as a basis for change. Each shamanic astrology session offers three things- dialog, healing and ritual.

Let’s fine tune that inspirational thought, that inner knowing that comes from being connected, being the practical mystic.

Types of Shamanic Astrology Sessions Michele offers:

New Moon Astrology Chart:

One page with chart and the time line for following the New Moon in the current year. Track your birth energy with the information posted on the New Moon Journal. It’s a handy tool to use at each new moon. You’ll know where the Moon is in your chart and how the energies will be affecting you.   Fee: $ 25.00

Dancing through the Doorway:

Where’s the Moon? Michele will send you a copy of your birth chart and a brief 2-3 page written description of the current lunar cycle. You learn how to embrace your own right timing by learning how to set a strong intention using the lunar cycle. This helps you track your birth energy with the information posted on the New Moon Journal. It’s a handy tool to use at each new moon. You’ll know where the Moon is in your chart and how the energies will be affecting you.  Fee:  $ 97.00

20/20/20 mini-session is 60 minutes:

A dialog with Michele talking about the current New Moon relative to your life and chart, the soul’s call and response, a 20 minute healing session, and then finishes up with 20 minutes dialog where a ritual is offered.   Fee: $250

75-90 minutes Shamanic Astrology Session:

For clients who have worked with me in the past. We’ll briefly discuss what’s happening as related to the current lunation and transits, 20 minute long distance healing session, and follow-up with 20 minutes of dialog. After three days of integration we meet again via phone for feedback.   Fee: $350


Shamans believe that soul loss is the most common source of illness, depression and chronic fatigue, as well as a variety of mental and emotional disorders.

When we suffer unbearable pain, trauma or grief, we lose a part of our vital energy. Part of the soul may be driven from the body through substance abuse, physical violation,and/or the shock of an accident or medical crisis.

Soul loss frequently results from the breakup of a relationship or loss of a loved one. The absence of dream recall is often a strong indicator of soul loss. Recurring dreams of childhood locales and dream encounters with younger versions of us may indicate that the time is ripe for a soul retrieval. – Robert Moss author of Dreamgates

Shamanic Astrology Session with Soul Retrieval:

Are you slammed by the energies of the moment with no apparent reason? Trying to create something and things are not flowing?

It may be time to ask for a shamanic counseling session, it is offered in three (3) separate 60 minute sessions with Michele.

Fee: $450

First session: We explore your birth chart and what is currently happening in your outer and inner worlds- a dialog, healing and ritual may be shared. Session runs 30-45 minutes.

Second Session/Soul Retrieval: I journey on your behalf to my shamanic teachers in dream time, asking to see where you lost power and how that is affecting you today…during the journey there is singing and rattling, the soul retrieval comes returns to you through the power song I sing. Clients feel the shift or opening from the healing sounds of their song. Your power song is digitally recorded so you can listen to it after the session. We are singing your soul back home- restoring vitality and power. Session runs 45-75 minutes. Please plan not to do anything stressful for 24 hours after your session to help the integration. Get a massage. Journal. Play.

Third session: Here we follow-up to find out how things are integrating after your soul retrieval, tools are given for aftercare using the New Moon as a guide. It’s important to allow integration and setting a strong intention. Integration from a Soul Retrieval can take up to 90 days. Don’t make any sudden life changes.

Through a collaborative effort and a review of the natal chart Michele pinpoints where you lost power and how that is affecting you today. Soul retrieval sessions are integrated with her shamanic astrology sessions.

These articles-When to Call a Shaman and Soul Retrieval may be helpful in understanding what’s unfolding for you.

From Colleen Deatsman, M.A., L.P.C. author of Inner Power, Energy for Life and her new book- Seeing in the Dark:

“As a counselor, shamanic teacher and practitioner my work is to help people heal, live in harmony and balance, and to become whole. My intention for my personal life path is the same.

Being connected with Spirit and our true soul-self helps us live in this sacred manner. The moon, sun, planets, stars, the entire cosmos is spirited and full of energy that influences us on all levels. It is important to know these astrological influences and work with the Spirits of the cosmos to help us live our lives here on Earth in balance.

Michele’s clear descriptions, interpretations and guidance makes it easy to understand and practically apply the wisdom of astrology. The Spiritual guidance that she receives, and so willingly shares, makes Michele’s work more thorough and useful than any other astrologer that I have worked with. Join Michele and you will experience the gifts of a true master.” 

To schedule a shamanic astrology session email Michele at sharedjourneys dot com.

To schedule a shamanic astrology session with soul retrieval you must call my office personally; sorry not your brother, sister or wife. I need voice-to-voice contact with you prior to agreeing to do the healing.

I can be reached at (772) 226-0175 Tuesday through Thursday from 10am to 4pm Eastern

Please be mindful of your time zone, when and what time you are calling. I live in Central Florida which is Eastern Time Zone (New York time). Vero Beach is in the center of the state on the east coast about 1.5 hours from Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.


Recordings: Your astrology session is digitally recorded. This audio will be emailed within 48-72 hours.

  • Listen through your computer.
  • Download the audio file to your ipod or mp3 player

Note: Recordings are not guaranteed due to occasional technical glitches beyond Michele’s control. 99% of the time this is not a problem, but if you’d like a back up please record the session from your end.