The energy of Cancer, the 4th house is straddled by the signs Gemini and Leo. If we follow the law of attraction our thoughts and feelings create the outcome- Gemini/thoughts > Cancer/feelings > Leo/joy. Understand and embody the energy of Gemini/Cancer then you can easily manifest your joy.

The Moon represents the death and rebirth of light, for women it's the death and rebirth of our monthly periods. The Moon rules the sign Cancer and all things to do with feelings, emotions and intuition.

What are the energetic consequences of discounting the Cancerian qualities womanhood offers you (intuition, feelings, emotions, moods, Moon, mothering, roots, home and family)? As little girls we are connected to the world around us, but by the age of seven we enter the structure of school- the rational is honored while the intuitive is discounted. The feeling function goes into hiding, add trauma or abuse to the mix and you are left with a lot of feelings and anxiety that just doesn’t make sense. You can’t name it or see it so your intuitive knowing is labeled not real.

Many readers shared they resonated with this statement:

“Empathic by nature and then by trauma I didn’t know where I began and others left off; the container of my body felt elusive- I’d either merge too much and/or retreat and go into hiding.”

Cancermoon And now we greet a very powerful potent new moon in Cancer, a solar eclipse at 30 degrees on Tuesday, July 21, 2009. This is the SECOND new moon in Cancer, so the Cancer area of your chart and life continues to be highlighted and challenged again for another 29 days.

Isn’t the universe saying “whoa Nelly you aren’t cooked yet; you need a bit more Cancer energy to mull over.”

There is a dance between the Sun/Moon through the
birth chart that naturally connects you to your ’bio-rhythm’.

When you begin to
consciously work with these energies it creates magic in your life. As above, so
below, sky shamanism known as astrology is an ancient language of cycles through
the planetary movements (archetypal forces).

These Helping Allies are time
keepers for your life’s journey. When you dance in partnership with this sacred rhythm you become in-sync with those energies and your vibration rises; you
consciously transmute the shadow and your Light shines more brightly -within and
out into the world.

New moons bring up your shadow, the egoic stuff that keeps us stuck. When you actively work with the new moon energies you call up this good rich muck of the past- the thoughts, images and beliefs that are holding you back from living your joy. So to have two new moons in Cancer, lets me know to pay attention. Expect a release at the full moon.

Find your place in Joy:

To move into Joy [at the New Moon in Leo] we have to be comfortable with all types of feelings, we have to be content just where we are, not push the hurt, anger and pain away. With compassion call it up and look it square in the face, dialog with it, mediate it. Love it and yourself by…

Appreciating the gifts these feelings bring. Mercury’s last retrograde period, including the shadow period from April 5-June 15, certainly stirred both the Taurus/Gemini pot. Gemini rules all forms of communication, black and white thinking, and your sibling issues.

The Mercury retrograde, the subsequent new moons brought up issues and feelings, thoughts and beliefs that still triggered me in life. Until you read this post, maybe you were in it and didn’t even know it. You may not fully appreciate these experiences until the Full Moon in Cancer six months from now. You may have immediate ahas. You may find yourself saying…

“Aren’t you/we over that yet?” Sure I had dealt with ‘that’ in therapy, cried, choked and puked the negative feelings at a gut level, but like peeling an onion there was a new awareness of how I navigated my life related to shame.

Brene Brown in her book I Thought It Was Just Me: Women Reclaiming Power and Courage in a Culture of Shame writes “Shame is that feeling that comes over you life a hot wave and the minute it comes over you you think to yourself ‘Oh, my God, where can I hide? How can I disappear?’ Shame, fear and anxiety are all major incubators of judgment.”

"To shame" generally means to actively assign or communicate a state of
shame to another. Behaviors designed to "uncover" or "expose" others
are sometimes used for this purpose, as are utterances like "Shame!" or
"Shame on you!…While guilt is a painful feeling of regret and
responsibility for onWho do you think you are? SoulCollagee's actions, shame is a painful feeling about
oneself as a person.” More about shame here.

 “Shame on you” "Who do you think you are" was a familiar phrase I heard growing up. My unconscious parents used the energy to judge and control; while they did not mean to wound, their scars left scars on me.

My shame felt like a big black hole; it could, at times suck, the life out of my creativity and joy. All shame is linked to our thinking (Gemini) imbued upon us by others… then we take it in and digest as our own. We digest their judgments.

Cancer rules digestion, the stomach, nurturance, the mother. In my chart intercepted Uranus in Cancer sits at 29° in the 8th house of death and rebirth; I equate it with self > mother > awakening. How am I still living my mother’s Fractured Fairy Tale?

We are collectively getting a double dose of cancer new moons to understand our issues with security, safety and managing day-to-day fears. Look at life events from June 2003- 2005 when Saturn moved through the sign Cancer? Life events from April 1974 through June 1976 when Saturn was in Cancer.

Moving into Joy:

The house where Cancer sits in your chart is the seat of your intuition- where you experience gut feelings (clairsentience). Your approach to these activities requires logic balanced with instinct, and then the flow of your emotions serves your path and your life purpose. Cancer Fracturedis water/emotional, cardinal/assertive and is passive/feminine in gender. This tells us that Cancer will take action and can be assertive, but does so cautiously and according to feeling (moon).

 Where do I belong?  This is a major theme where Cancer is in your chart. The challenge is to develop security by nurturing experiences rather than clinging to, depending on the strength of others. Cancer needs to say; “I feel.” – I feel secure.  I feel safe.  I feel content.  I feel at home with myself.  How are you feeling?

If you find yourself in a funk see if the energy is tied to missing your home, your childhood home, and family home, things related to home, heart [h] and mother.

“In order to release Cancer’s creativity, we must first cut the umbilical cord which binds us to family karma; leave the safe womb of the home and choose our own direction in life.” (Archetypes of the Zodiac by Burt, p. 113)

If so do some journaling and write down your expectations, you may want to create a SoulCollage® around the energy to get the message. Light up the fire pit (or barbecue) and release the old stuff to the fire.

Death and rebirth-be a vessel of vision at this Cancer New Moon

The goal is to make ourselves strong enough to be leaders, healers and teachers in our time. To create a strong central axis that each of us can stand her ground in the face of opposition, visible or invisible, that attempts to stop the expulsion of the possessing entity that has taking over the world.

A process of embodiment is taking place wherein women are called to become willing vessels of the vision. The women who perform this function are called Shakti women. Shakti meaning "to be able" refers to the power of the feminine force that is creative, instinctual and becoming. Shakti Woman by Vicki Nobel, p. 240

At this Second New Moon Solar Eclipse reflect on your own journey of death and rebirth, what's been stalking you the last 30-60 days? Are you pregnant with Shame? Are you ready to birth your Intuition? Your Heart(h) energy represented by home and family? Where are you in the life cycle of death and rebirth, how do you embrace the fine art of shedding your shame?

What I am saying is this: this second new moon in Cancer and a solar eclipse is going to stir up some shadow issues, from your past, that still have a hold on you. For the last sixty days you had glimpses of its energy. You may have over reacted for no apparent reason, maybe you felt like crawling into bed and pulling the covers over you head. For the last two weeks since the Capricorn Full Moon on July 7th the pressure was released, the clean-up crew is ready for action on the New Moon in Cancer on July 21st.

Like the Moon our body, mind and spirit mirrors these processes of letting go, going into the dark to birth the light; the creative process of building up and letting go. Holding the vision, rather than holding the shame. The womb, our connection to place and space (home and work) and our intuition is our vessel to birth-new ideas, children, home, and businesses. That is why the Moon is so important; her Light reflects our mystery and the nature of our earthly dance. From full to dark to full there is great leadership, power and spirit in all that you are. Embrace the release on the new moon and find the joy.

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Brene brown  

Journaling prompts for this Cancer New Moon:

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