Heart Can I use words on my SoulCollage® cards? This question always comes up when playing with images and making cards.

"Invite Enchantment" Is a wonderful phrase I cut out last week while working on my cards for the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse…and I never glued the phrase down. Why?

Words are great when creating a vision board to set a strong
intention; vision or dream boards are what we seek to manifest. I use the SoulCollage process in support of the vision and don't find cut out words useful on my SoulCollage cards.

Making a SoulCollage card honors the Greater Self and your inner voices-it may be a shadow piece that holds you back from living your dream, it may be a higher aspect of your radiant self that comes in support of your vision. It's not good, it's not bad, it just is…

You may or may not know what the image you select means at first. You may not know how you will use it and even if you will. What you feel is a power in this particular [image].

As you leaf through magazines, something stops and holds you, calls to you in a mysterious way. Something goes straight into your soul bypassing your mind. Something vital in your image stirs you, and your imagination becomes engaged. You tear it our and save it.- author Seena Frost from her book SoulCollage.

Yes, I used cut out words on my first couple SoulCollage cards, and today I wish the words weren't there. Words and phrases take us out of the creative side of the brain and into thinking and logic, words set a vibrational tone for the moment. Why limit the potential?

As I changed my relationship to the images on those early SoulCollage cards shifted…so while the words on the card may express a particular emotion at the time, the image can offer up a different perspective as I grow, my vibration shifts. I don't want words to block my path.

Words on the SoulCollage cards limit the possibilities of diving into something new. For today I share with students and clients try not to use words, just images cut from magazines. Expect the meaning on the card to shape-shift over time. Still drawn to words then ask yourself these questions-

  • Can I find an image that speaks to these words?"
  • Am I asking this card too much? Maybe I need to make a couple of cards to express the energy?
  • Is this a vision board I'm trying to create?
  • Does this word limit the card, is it really needed at this time?

Use the Words in your Journal: Scan a smaller copy of SoulCollage card and glue it down in your journal, then paste the words to help express the meaning of the moment.

You are on a quest to find the mystery of you in bits of paper and glue. Trust your own wisdom and invite the images on your SoulCollage® cards to speak…just listen.


Rev. Michele Lessirard, C.Ht. is an artist, inter-faith minister, shamanic practitioner and teacher. Since 1995 she has preformed hundreds of soul retrievals, teaches through out the United States and is recognized for her ability to communicate the visible elements with the invisible- the spiritual aspects of you that are mirrored through your day-to day relationships with family, home and work.

As a trained facilitator in the SoulCollage® process, Michele invites you to create twelve SoulCollage cards which represent the energy (archetypes) of astrology. Then by years end you’ll have deepened your own awareness of the zodiac and have twelve New Moon SoulCollage® cards to work with, journey to for guidance.