My goal is to see well-trained shamanic practitioners with a strong presence on the world-wide web. Practitioners I can collaborate and network with. If you are a healer, lets face it there isn’t much written on taking your good work out onto the web. Many of my friends stand on the sidelines watching and wanting a stronger practice and presence.

Have you built a great website and then wonder why it’s not taking you to the place you want to go?

Is your site interactive? Can a person dialog with you, ask a question?

Is your website informing your clients of classes and current offerings in the moment?

Is your website building a strong client base so next time you announce a workshop your mailing list is ready to go? What we are called to do is:  build relationships. That starts with understanding what your clients are looking for especially when they surf the web. make things easier on you when putting together your workshops and teachings…how do you share with others who and what you are about. get the word out in a fast effective way with little cost and effort….so when you write that book that you have been talking about for years you have an existing list of supportive clients who want to learn more about what you came to teach. It all comes back to building relationships and collaborating. Building a strong community. I am in love with blogging- especially for those of us in the healing and creative arts. Blogging is so much easier than webbing and it isn’t complicated. Time wise setting up a blog takes a couple of days to implement (mainly you playing around to get used to how it works) and then to manage your blog- about an hour a week. Maybe this site will inspire you…and if you need one-on-one support here we go… I am a seasoned coach in the healing arts who also knows how to market professional services (intangibles)- that includes marketing, positioning, coaching, counseling, branding and public relations- one aspect involves your web presence. Because of my life’s spiritual journey our work together is multi-dimensional.

You’ll see once this process is underway it is not about designing a blog or a web site. It’s about you…inside and out.

Where is your presence in your community and on the web? Are you hiding? Is that really serving the Greater Work you came to share?

I am talking about the power of your presence which is grounded~ connected to earth and spirit so your joy manifests in tangible, practical, heartfelt ways. I love working with shamanic practitioners who are ready to come out and be seen on the web!