Today (8/20/09) we have the New Moon in Leo at 28 degrees of Leo, right on my 10th house Pluto/Jupiter conjunction. Yee haw. I feel a bit guilty not sharing more today yet I outlined the energy here a month ago before I was waist deep in it.

Michele's SoulCollage® I've been all over the map with these energies, one day feeling mighty fine and then the next day dipping into some dark watery places in my psyche. Maybe it was a little bit too much Fox News at my parents house, maybe it's those people shouting Nazi on health care.

And I can chalk it up to Uranus/Mars/Saturn-Mercury all standing guard on my Pisces Sun. The empty leg of these planetary energies shoots like river rapids into the second house of my chart- highlighting issues

  • what do I value
  • making money through MY creative ideas/projects
  • Fear/procrastination related to am I worthy to receive?

Bottom line-I am facing truth all over the place, like it or not.

With all this around and within I've learned to spend time on mundane tasks like practicing sketching faces or reorganizing the office [a very Virgo thing to do] until it's through with me. Filling leads me to reviewing my life's writing for the last 15 years, clearly seeing a pattern of starts and stops. Aarggh!!

I am a scanner and that's what scanners do (read the post I wrote back in 07 about Scanners you'll see the pattern)…so when the critical voice in my head of 'should have' and 'could have' gets too loud I take a break until I am able to find the middle ground again.

For today I have the courage to be imperfect and the compassion to understand that through the years August is a challenge for me on many levels; and in September it shifts big time. This too shall pass and with that I'll quote from Jacqueline Small-

"Let reality govern my every thought and truth be the heart of my life."

So it is at this new moon in Leo.