FeedburnerDid you feel the shift today? The new moon in Virgo
is rich and deep in good ways, reading an artist's blog who's
daughter is eight, brings me another mother's insights into the
change. This layering is like turning leaves.

Thank you to everyone who commented, texted and emailed. I've had phone calls with other Virgo/Pisces people undergoing shifts and changes. Astrology is about weaving the journey that inspires you to become brighter and real.

My heart is touched as this week the New Moon Journal subscriber count ticked up over a 1000. That makes me laugh cuz…

I silently said a few years back "Michele when the subscriber count
reaches 1000 the work will be birthed". It's hovered around 800-900 for months.

The first newsletter published in May 1996

Going through the box of writings I found the first newsletter I wrote dated May 1996. A dear friend took me to Brenda's Monday night astrology class. Saturn entered Aries and everything she talked about resonated. A profound moment because I stepped through a door and the Sun/Moon gave me a road map.

I shared the information at the doctors with the nurses, my shamanic
friends, clients and family members. Giving so much information in such a short conversation, I was asked to write it down…I edited my notes and put it in a newsletter, went to Kinkos for copies and mailed 25 newsletters to friends and clients.

I groked astrology without knowing why; when the chart energies started speaking to me in
my shamanic work I just went with it. 2001 the newsletter went online and Spring of 2005 this blog was launched.

But the exciting and fun thing is how far reaching the journey is…The New Moon Journal is read all over the world. I've met many wonderful cyber-friends who blog as well. Then there's the random meeting up that ends with the statement "oh you're Michele"…

At a shamanic retreat at the Spring Equinox I sat in circle for two days, said my name many times, then one night at dinner I said "I'm on the web, you can find me at the New Moon Journal." The woman across the table suddenly exclaimed "THAT's YOU, you're Michele…I READ YOUR BLOG ALL THE TIME!"

I am honored and grateful, thank you for stopping by, inspiring me and connecting with the Star Nation within you.

Go Gators…