It’s Fall, a time of Harvest!!

Fall is about harvesting the seeds for planting next spring. What you planted last March is now ready for harvesting. If you planted weeds then you are harvesting weeds. If you planted corn you are harvesting corn.

Cycles and rhythm and balance are what this astrology stuff is about. Bringing the sky and the earth together and honoring the rhythm of the seasons, the rhythms of the day and night forces. This rhythm around you is mirrored back, within you.

We face relationship issues that are ready to be taken to the next level, released and surrendered too (Scorpio) based on the way you think (Mercury).

What were you wishing and dreaming of back in late March? Here are some themes for the Libra energy…Here are some themes for your Libra energy:

In Libra I am the One who….

I am the One who Partners. In your birth chart it’s the sign of the 7th house- what sign sits there in your birth chart? This is always a
dance between self and other, 1st and 7th house. I am the One who is a wife/husband. My energy relates to healthy agreements, sharing and interdependence.

I am the One who complements. Think of dancing, knowing how to lead and follow. “Both parties must be responsible for an enjoyable relationship…I am the One who takes full responsibility of my shadow.”-the Angels within us.

I am the One who Balances. My energy relates to issues of fairness including balance, equality, appreciation of opposite views, negotiation and counseling. Inviting the law of allowing “both/and” thinking to the table.

I am the One who Counsels.

I am the One who is Beautiful. The planet of love and affection- Venus rules Libra, I seek harmony representing peace, beauty and art.

I am the One who builds Teamwork- giving and receiving, collaboration, supportive relationships, cooperation.

I am on the One who is the Diplomat. I love being social- being companionable, being tactful, getting along with others, one on one interactions, diplomacy, affinity for others. Think of My Space and Facebook.

I am the One who Harvests. I restore balance within your body- heart, adrenal glands, buttocks, diabetes, kidneys.

I am the One who Refines. I seek luxury, elegance, pampering, good taste, grace.

Shadow issues of the Libra energy:

I am the One who is Co-dependent. I am the One who is lost relating to loss of self-identity- codependency, appeasing behaviors, indecision, aimless discussion. I represent entanglements that bind. Dependence [I need you] and independence [I don’t need you] can’t find a healthy balance.

I am the One who was left behind. Ask yourself “What parts of ME did I abandon to be in relationship with you?” Go get that energy back NOW, create a
SoulCollage card.

I am the One looking for my perfect SOUL MATE. It’s the perfection part that gets you stuck.

I am the One who faces abandonment because of my fears– of rejection, guilt, unworthiness.

From Elaine the Seinfeld television show- I am the One who judges, is the bad breaker-upper. I am the one ‘ends a relationship by saying mean things that people don’t mean – but means them ‘. Look for ways you have been judged or are judging- fault-finding and blame without responsibility.

I am the One who doesn’t care…”you don’t mean anything to me anyway” attitude in the relationship.

As the Sun moves through Libra you may find yourself dealing with relationship issues that are ready to be taken to the next level, released and surrendered too (Scorpio) based on the way you think (Mercury).