Fall is the time of harvest. We take Leo’s inspiration and move our inspiriations into form-those creative ideas- a new venture, idea and product.

We step up and say YES! Virgo’s energy helps to separate the wheat from the chaff…step up and go this way or that in our health and work. Choices. Give your dream a strong foundation to manifest by paying attention to the details. Show up.

In Aries I lead, Taurus I know my value, Gemini I communicate from that place of worth, Cancer I nurture, Leo I step into my creative brilliance – what was a spark of an idea at the Aquarius New Moon last February is now a reality…

In Virgo we edit and sort through the people, places and things to make it happen. We become comfortable in the details. Virgo energy is the place of Mentorship, Ancestors, Aunts and Uncles. Who mentored you as a child…what’s the take away?

Who’s mentoring you today?

Who are you mentoring?…if I am not in balance I abdicate my creative gifts to another. Let Mikey do it.

Do you suffer from the Superwoman syndrome? DO. Do. Do. This shadow issue is a form of hiding. Serving too much is not leading, it’s hostage taking. As a recovering Superwoman I know this…the doing depletes your energy, robs vitality and stops the flow of your creative spirit. In sync means in control, it’s not controlling. Look for the reason you are taking hostages (husband, children, work), ask yourself why…maybe it’s time to let them find their own way now?

Mercury ruler of Virgo calls each of us to use our gifts of communication and gifts of healing for abundance. Inspirational gifts related to every level of consciousness- mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical which is made manifest on the external reality. This is about the abundance of earth….In what situations and with what people do I abandon myself and feed my shadow?- The Tarot Handbook

Mercury rules your 5th Chakra Throat, truth-telling. Mercury’s energy helps you become aware of your black and white limited thinking.

Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury. Virgo synthesizes, distills your black and white thinking into a higher vibrational energy.

Love + Awareness = Action. Fifth chakra at the rear of the neck is about the ‘will to create’

Here you find your sense of self within Society. How do I express my gifts out in the world at large?

5th chakra is Professional Self with spiritual muscle.

5th chakra is where we hold our “fear of failure and fear of success. ”Got a stiff neck? What’s up with that? 5th chakra from the Anodea Judith’s book Eastern Body, Western Mind represents:

  • Fifth Chakra Issues: communication (Mercury), creativity, listening, resonance, finding one’s own voice. Truth telling without fear of judgment or ridicule.
  • Developmental Stage: 7-12 years [where the shadow issue was born]
  • Developmental Task: Creative expression, Communication Skills, Symbolic Thinking.
  • Trauma and Abuses: Lies, mixed messages, verbal abuse (includes constant yelling), excessive criticism (blocked creativity), secrets (threats for telling), authoritarian parents (don’t talk back), alcohol/chemical dependence (don’t talk, don’t feel, don’t trust).

At the New Moon in Virgo invoke abundance. Align with prosperity. When you use your creative gifts spirit gave you, then you step up and create wealth. From that place of wealth you give back- tithe. For the next 10 weeks track your issues with abundance by journaling and SoulCollage®. What does mental abundance look like, emotional abundance feel like? spiritual, financial, and physical…etc.

  • If my creative process is stymied what’s my why?
  • If my career isn’t moving forward what’s my why?
  • If I am broke what’s my why? Root out patterns of doing things the same way that no longer work in today’s technology. Be truthful and remember…

While Saturn/Sun/Moon keep company in Virgo this week Mercury retrogrades back into the Virgo energies from Libra just before he turns direct on September 29. Libra is the sign of relationship, healthy balanced relating not from the 3rd chakra [force] but from your heart’s energy [love]. Who am I in relationship to you? Do I have good boundaries? Do I merge too much? Put up walls?

A true transfigured Magician is able to enter the collective unconsciousness
within her Greater Self, create a matrix from the points of light and
birth new forms that serve humanity.

The keyword for is renewal.

Here are the basics of Virgo’s energy relative to the New Moon SoulCollage® process. What you planted at the New Moon in Aries, those decrees and intentions set forth in vision boards earlier this year will have manifested. What were you wishing and dreaming of back in late March? It’s harvest time!

How is the Universe responding to your quest? What needs attention? To be edited and sorted?

Here are some themes to Virgo’s energy. Virgo is solid, grounded earth energy, the higher octave of Gemini. In Virgo I am the One who….

  • I am the One who brings you Order. I bring the ability to pay attention to the small details, getting my paperwork completed and showing up on time [punctuality].
  • I am the One who is clear thinking, I understand my black and white issues and safely navigate the emotional waters of telling my truth to others.
  • I am the One who is a workaholic. I miss the mystery in life because I am so focused on the mundane.
  • I am the One who is healthy. In order to create one needs a well body, physical well being. Health/diet/exercise, healers and healing.
  • I am the One who is the Healer. I bring you the ability to bridge Spirit (Pisces) with Earth (Virgo). I am a bridge builder to Spirit.
  • I am the One who serves others. I bring a willingness to adapt-practical helpfulness with purity of intent.
  • I am the One who desires perfection. I process your clutter and bring order out of chaos.
  • I am the One who is the Critic. The inner critic seeks to focus your attention on worry, criticism, blame and judgment that creates barriers in your life. I seek control.
  • I am the One who Mentors. I rule all forms of mentorship related to the Ancestors, Aunts and Uncles. Who are you mentoring? Who mentors you?
  • I am the One who is the Goddess Vesta. I seek to infuse your life through sacred rituals and ceremonies that bestow magic.
  • I am the One who Restores. I bring up ways your hold yourself back up into your consciousness and out into the light of day for healing; I am the One who frees up your creative energy, the keyword is renewal.

Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever…– Isak Dinesen