In sunny Florida your fall is our spring, as the sweltering summer heat abates people emerge from their homes anticipating the cool winter months [mid 70's]. We start to set out our gardens and plant vegetables. So while friends and family up north are getting ready to go into winter’s hibernation mode, we Floridians are emerging. And that’s what this Full Moon in Aries [2:10 AM Sunday night] feels like for me- an emergence.

Fiery Aries ruled by Mars meets the inner drive to move forward…what we intended at the New Moon in Aries is here manifested. As Mercury moved forward last week I spent the week cleaning out the garage waiting for our trusted telephone guy to fix the nasty static on the phone line.

The garage has been calling to me, especially since entering a scholarship contest for Money, Marketing & Soul. When housewife-self was battling career-woman-self at the New Moon in Virgo I took myself out the battle and into the garage; breaking down the chaos of boxes thrown willy-nilly the past year put me into observer mode. While wading through things a shift happened, I got excited about the possibilities- of exploring, planning and promoting.

Knowledge/Education and Self-Cultivation:

Over lay the Bagua map for deeper insights In the Feng Shui Bagua our garage [SE Corner] represents the Knowledge & Self-Cultivation- associated with learning, assimilating new knowledge, and expanding ourselves while all the while keeping a calm and contemplative mind.

The garage space has bothered me since we moved in a year ago. I called the plumber to remove the old rusty well tank, and reinstalled the water line to feed the exterior of the house – city water rather than well water.

The PBX phone system was tweaked from installing the DSL line and finally I removed a wonky set of wall bracketed shelves installed by the previous owner, whose sharp corners energetically hit us each time we left the house.

The landing area into the house is now set up like a foyer [picture below]…and the energy shift of the new furniture placement feels just right.

By the end of the two weeks leading up to this Full Moon in Aries our Knowledge and Self-Cultivation area is polished and ready to go. Then I got an email telling me I won a partial scholarship for Money, Marketing & Soul event… yippee, I’m Tucson bound just in time for the New Moon in Libra. Great timing all in my 11th house doorway of service.

garage entry with antique table and mirror, new picture, and umbrella stand This Aries Full Moon at 12° leads to a New Moon in Libra on October 18th. Full moons offer up a release of energy so we can step into the new territory offered by Libra's New Moon- the sign of partnerships and balance.

Remember you are harvesting seeds for planting next Spring.

What are you called to release? What has been completed since the New Moon in Aries six months ago? How have these last few weeks been? Getting tweaked? Mars rules this lunation. Throw the Baqua over your house and see what area is stuck. This Full Moon in Aries you may find:

  • Wanting to start anew by- blazing new trails, initiating, high energy, taking action, innovative approaches.
  • Self-focus around issues dealing with the physical body, survival issues, instincts, ego, and assertiveness.
  • Innocence- integrity, honesty, authenticity, impulsiveness, straightforwardness.
  • Self-discovery -how am I initiating, taking risks, eagerness, competitive.
  • Independence (Aries) versus interdependence (Libra)-self-direction, self-reliance, autonomy, self-sufficiency.
  • Courage-issues to do with leadership, strength, vigilance, boldness.
  • Disengaging, self-absorption, vanity, anger, impatient.
  • Health-acne, eyes, head/face/scalp/brain, headaches and dizziness.
  • Finding a clear yes and a clear no.

24 hours before the Full Moon you'll get an idea of what needs to be released, let go and expand on what you want to create/manifest. Reflect back to six months ago at the New Moon in Aries. Leading up to the New Moon in Libra work on your SoulCollage® for Libra energies, the universe invites you to step into the possibilities.