Give me a hand NASA bombs the Moon on Friday, October 9, 2009 at 6:13 AM looking for water. LCROSS and LRO launched on Thursday, June 18 @ 5:32pm Eastern Time. Projected Impact at the lunar South Pole is scheduled for October 9th.

One more thing to add to the Saturn/Uranus opposition- at the time of the event Saturn's at 28° Virgo straddled by Mercury 29° Virgo and Venus 24° Virgo opposing Uranus still in Pisces.

The Moon represents the divine feminine within, home, roots/ancestral history, mothering, oceans, intuitive abilities; in the body this is reflected at the 6th chakra [3rd eye] and/or the stomach area.

We are making cosmic clutter…if we don't manage the natural resources on this planet with heart and soul, what
gives us the right to go out beyond the borders and create chaos in the
solar system?

I offer up my SoulCollage® "give me a Hand, but don't push me around" created after the devastating 2005 hurricane season.

I am the One who lives in the chaos
of the unconscious actions
blinded by science and ego
of Men
Who long for the wonder
that's all around.
Wake up.
Wake up.

As a shamanic healer who works with the subtle energies there are no
words to describe the way I feel about this event. When I journeyed to
my Teacher I heard "forgive them for they know not what they do". *sigh*

As above, so below. The Moon is a satellite of the Earth, responsible for the tides, the flow of water within us and around us. As an empath you may be subtly affected by this lunar event on an energetic level.

The Earth gives us life.
Air gives us life.
Water gives us life.
The Sun gives us life.

As within, so without:
Our health and the health of the planet are one.

                               -Medicine for the Earth

24 hours before the event on Friday you may want to journey to your Helping Spirits and ask what is needed in service to the Moon and the Earth at this time. I would be most interested in hearing about what happens in the journey either by email or comment below.

Become Light, transfigure and transmute the effects of these actions by working with water in your home and surrounding land, the how-to can be found in Medicine for the Earth.