Michele's SoulCollage-Find the Center Point Can't really share much because I am about to go back into session here at the Money, Marketing and Soul Intensive…but I did want to share we are working with a New Moon in Libra. It's all about balance, and finding your center point before stepping into a partnership. "Look before you leap." If you understand your own value and worth (2nd house) then you can strongly partner with another without losing yourself in the relationship.

Libra also represents the Goddess of War [Venus rules war], so at this new moon there may be a war going on within that reflects how you value yourself in relationship to another- this applies to all of our relationships, personal and professional. And spiritual relationships with wisdom teachers.

I'll share more on Tuesday when I return…about my own breakthrough with the Libra energy. As always I encourage you to collage the Libra energy, dialog with it and find the mystery of you in bits of paper and glue.