Scorpio is about partnering with Spirit and the fine art of taking out the trash so you can move to a higher level of consciousness, a new vibrational energy to grow your business. Scorpio’s energy is also a place we like to hide out, not be seen because of our issues with POWER. We are in the Scorpio energies now…

I love working with clients and their Scorpio story. Dancing in these energies is both an opportunity and a challenge. Are you ready to release the dances with chickens mentality out of your life? Take a chance and PLAY bigger in 2010!

Is stepping into the Business of Being a Healer Triggering Fear? Are you standing on the razor’s edge with these energies and thinking now what? Well you are not alone.

The invitation is offered, now the choice is up to you.

Let’s go for more creativity, more juice to fuel what we love, step through the transformational waters of Scorpio’s doorway in a different way. That same old way isn’t working for ya!

As a wisdom teacher I witness the alchemical transformation in students and clients time and time again. You don’t have to know astrology or your birth chart to grok the information, your heart’s desire and sincere attention on the energies at hand opens the door for your magic to unfold. 

Now as you mull this over here’s a Scorpio story:

Talking Trash and the Scorpio New Moon

Today I can put anything out by the curb, pile it on, get it out of
the house and these nice men haul the trash away for me. Sadly this
wasn’t always so…

For thirty years I had trash issues and didn’t know it. The City of Plantation mandated that residential trash go into expensive blue plastic trash bags bought from our grocery store. They didn’t want garbage cans strewn about the streets. If you placed anything outside the blue bag there was a good chance it would be rejected. If the bag was too heavy, it was rejected. If you ran out of bags, tried to use a plain old hefty bag, your trash was rejected.

Your trash is not acceptable so we the garbage crew won’t pick it up.

Driving home seeing our blue bag[s] still sitting on the lawn left me feeling rejected. Sometimes the garbage crew would label our trash by putting an orange neon sticker on the bag to make matters worse. Everyone saw the orange label- failure to follow instructions.

To get their trash picked up one neighbor left a six pack of beer as a bribe. On questionable days I’d deliberately stand in our driveway when the crew moved down the street; staring or smiling at them trying to guilt the trash guy into taking a questionable bag away.

Dear husband would call to ask “did they take the bags?” A yes would bring a sigh of relief, a no would mean “now what do we do with the

After we moved to Vero Beach I realized how the “blue bag thinking” impacted our lives. Now taking out the trash is a whole new experience… we happily pile things on the curb, and the trash goes away. Easily and effortlessly. It’s a partnership I am grateful for.

We all have these blue bag issues in our life, somewhere along the way we heard our trash is not acceptable. It’s stuffed away like useless clutter, stuck energy. It’s also a deep well of creative power.

Scorpio is all about partnering with Spirit and the art of taking out the trash so we can move to a higher level of consciousness, a new vibrational energy to grow our business. It’s both an opportunity and a challenge. Read about the Scorpio New Moon SoulCollage® posted here.

Can you tell I am a Scorpio Rising? *big smile* Scorpio’s are all about transformation…Let me help you release your chicken mentality and create magic in your life.