Transformation by Michele She called in the evening during family time. There's no "Hi Michele, my name is, do you have a moment to talk with me?"…No she launched breathlessly into

"I found you on the web, I am reading your website, this has happened, that has happened"…a personal story is revealed, there's pain, there's a lot of angst and suffering."

"I need a soul retrieval." And in the next breath she said…one psychic told me this, one psychic said that…I feel a groan coming on…

Her merry go-round spirituality is spinning so fast she can't see the brass ring or hear her own inner guidance. When your woo-woo's gone bad; the practical has left the mystic and the chaos is a point of transformation- a cleansing of mind and heart.

These type of conversations are happening more and more as the energies ramp up on. No-name woman's third chakra is blown wide open, she's ungrounded and doesn't even know it; if I ask her she'd surely tell me "I am so

Friday November 13, 2010 the movie "2012- Who will survive" opens for worldwide release in theaters, it's message is going to contribute to the ramping up of the Humanity's core issues with fear, death and dying. One version of Scorpio scripted by Hollywood.

Scorpio is also the place of creative potential, to ride the wave offered…the potential is HUGE. Are you ready for the bigger YOU!

"The key is to remain engaged, get out into the world, do substantive work to initiate change and find those who can pick the necessary agreements to precipitate a new reality. That is the essence of shamanism."-Seeing in the Dark

As empaths you may already be 'feeling' the shift that is happening…

Be the Possibilitarian- cultivate your seeds

Creative rebirth has everything to do with your own journey with the Scorpio initiation. Today James Redfield from the Celestine Prophecy sent this message in his newsletter:

  1. 2012 predictions have nothing to do with the end of human existence; this is Hollywood hype. The 2012 predictions are about helping us move into a higher spiritual consciousness. [okay you may already know this].
  2. The energies predicted by the Mayans are coming in already, and they peak, not on December 21, 2012, but on October 28, 2011.
  3. The energies are accelerating, with a pulse hitting us now, beginning NOVEMBER 8, 2009.

As healers and Light Workers we meet three (3) opportunities for alchemical change through the doorways of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The Scorpio Doorway opens Monday November 16th, are you ready?

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