So much I could write at this New Moon in Sagittarius yet it feels a bit much to share. My mother is slowly slipping away and this Christmas season I am flooded by our Holiday past. Mom loved being with family, holiday decorating and entertaining. She crafted like Martha Stewart, opened up our home, invited the town to tour, wine, dine and dance.

Anne Lamont in her book Grace Eventually writes-“old mothers never die, and they never fade away. They are too complicated for either.”

I created a SoulCollage® today, the girl reminds me of a 60’s Breck Shampoo Ad- all that I wasn’t in my mother’s eyes; my New Moon SoulCollage® feels very important. So here is my evolving SoulCollage and the journaling that unfolded…

We teach each other
how to fly by our shared journeys,
by our truth-telling.

Healing stories born
out of the dark places
from anger, fear and sadness
In the fallings and failings
I find courage
To take a risk,
to wake up,
to trust
and once again

Open up to loving arms…
that were always with me.
But I forgot
how to connect…
Magically my angel wings unfurl
and flutter
Our Brilliance is revealed.

And when the Boat shows up
it finds we already
flew Home.

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