Being weird is a good thing, but sometimes the drive to be normal and fit in just does you in energetically. Fitting in can leave you playing small and broke. This month give your visionary self permission to be weird. How does that shape-shift things for you?

As the Sun moves through Aquarius there is a soul call to BOLDLY step up and into your area of expertise. What Tribe do you serve? Who are your peeps?

This month work with the original seed thought you came to share together with your chicken-thinking mentality. How is it manifesting in your life? How are you expressing your soul’s desire? What’s up?

A Creative Visionary is a trailblazer in his or her respective field. They see a problem others don’t and create a viable solution which opens up an untapped niche or market. Creative Visionaries are often misunderstood for their innovation. In truth, creative visionaries keep our world fresh with new ideas and processes.

Call up the Creative Visionary within and create your Aquarius New Moon SoulCollage®:

It’s Winter is a quiet time of reflection, next up the SoulCollage® for the Aquarius New Moon. Working with the theme of the 11th House, Aquarius and Uranus… we meet The Visionary.

You have come here to find what you already have.
– Buddhist Aphorism

Through the trauma and drama of life you are rubbed raw which allows you become Authentic. Your authenticity [the Mess you came to teach] magnetizes your Tribe! Aquarius calls up that authenticity- your leadership creates magic that translates into money. Creating wealth
allows you to live your purpose and impacts the lives of others for the good through your service.

The Aquarius energy represents Air + Fire = Right Thinking  >>
Right Speaking >> Right Action >> Right Timing.

Aquarius works in sacred partnership with Leo’s
energy of taking creative risks.

Leo’s Fire + Aquarius’ Air = New thought, innovative thinking, individualism, the rebel, out of bounds.

  • I am the One who invents, and from my visions I serve my community. Inventive solutions- I am the One who deeply understands how things work beyond the norm. I enjoy being different, not the norm.
  • I am the One who seeks New trends and unconventional approaches. Seeing the Future.
  • I am the One who sees the big picture. Humanitarian attitudes- operating from a larger world view.
  • I am the One who is both rational and logical. Dr. Spock like in my focus.
  • I am the One who is the Awakener. Like lightening I shake people up out of their deep sleep. I challenge you to push beyond your limits and fear. Revelation- I bring unexpected surprises or results.
  • I am the One who is weird. I bring the archetype of the Fool with my weirdness and inspire people with my humor.  Issues of objectivity. Tools of divination. Forward thinking.
  • I am the One who understands reciprocity, the art of giving and receiving, networking. Paying it forward and inspiring others to do the same.
  • In the physical body Aquarius rules the ankles, circulation, electrical forces in the body, the central nervous system.
  • Aquarius Color is Electric Blue like lightening.
  • An Aquarius affirmation…

“I am unique.
I serve through my original gifts and talents.
I decree they manifest easily and effortlessly now.”

  • Shadow side of Aquarius energy- I am the One who is aloof and cold. Excessive detachment- fear of involvement, inflexible opinions.
  • I am the One who fits-in to be normal. Same. Alike. A shadow Aquarius issue because I hide my Brilliance (going dim) because of the fear of being seen. Think of Susan Boyle.

Are you born between February 1955- February 1961? Then you are born with Chiron in Aquarius. You have or are experiencing your Chiron Return at age 49/50.

CHIRON IN AQUARIUS: You may feel insecure within groups. You may also be sensitive to the wounds of humanity. It may be that you have suffered through friendships. You will have the ability to join groups with a cause, particularly those that heal humanity or teach spiritual ideals.

When weird is the new normal…

Walking the path of a shamanic healer and astrology meant I had to become comfortable with being weird. Free thinkers are not the norm and don’t fit with the rest of society. Trail blazers.

How comfortable are you with being weird? From the Aquarian energy in your chart we become change agents for the manifesting the future. Are you a change agent? What’s next? It’s time to build a new structure, to manifest creative solutions to our personal and global problems, that have at their core truth, heart and meaning for all sacred beings.

Be authentic, allow that Authenticity to bring you wealth so you can be of service.