Winter is the quiet time of reflection before the spring planting. It’s time to build your Capricorn SoulCollage® card…

Stretch, Risk, or Die.

A stretch is something you’ll to do even if you’re a little scared.

If you’re really nervous about doing something, then it is a risk.

A die is something you would absolutely not do.

The die is always what we secretly fear. -Rhonda Britton author of Fearless Living

The die is your heart’s desire but the of bigness of ‘it’- the doing, of being Authentic, an Authority feels so big it scares the ‘HeeBiejeebies” out of you. There’s an invitation to…

Name that Fear…

Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being seen, fear of being intuitive…I could go on and on. Moving toward your heart’s desire feels like a death because the old way [playing small] has to go.

At the Scorpio New Moon you let go, in Sagittarius you took a risk, in Capricorn you are ready build even if you can’t see it. Thus as the Sun moves through Capricorn it triggers our insecurities, doubt and trust issues. Saturn is the taskmaster, and both Saturn and Pluto want attention.

Find an image of the fear, your shadow self. Start a dialog by asking what the “shadow self” wants to share. Make the fear an ally. Shapeshift the energy. Be big, go bold.

Where Capricorn is in your chart you want to build something tangible related to your genius. The Essential Self. To build a new structure you are called to stand strong in your knowing with faith and trust; even with the fear and do it anyway. Be brave, Go bold.

What have you come to serve and share? What gives you joy? Track the fear of living this bold you by stepping into the bigger vision?

When the Sun/Moon meet up in Capricorn there is a demand you be respond to this energy.

Winter is a time of inward reflection! We meet the 10th House, Capricorn and Saturn, The Builder. Earth. Good Bones.

Cancer is the gate in, Capricorn the gate out. Duality, black and white thinking has no place to sit in the Essential Self. One knows she is part of a divine tribe called Humanity. When one accepts their divinity there is peace from within, the gate is open, there is no need for defense. There is harmony. There is balance.

Capricorn represents your tribe and the social responsibility you bring to the table as a human being. Capricorn represents the archetypal force in the 10th house of work and career birthed from your creative passionate spirit. Your divinity, anything else is empty promises.

Capricorn represents your skeletal structure- the bones of who you are. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. In alchemy Saturn is the metal lead before it is transformed and transmuted into gold, bringing deeper meaning to the phrase “Get the lead out.”

I am the One who Builds. Pluto entered the sign Capricorn for the first time in 248 years. This is one of those really big events in astrology. Pluto, the change agent of transformation waking you up from deep within. Read more: Pluto in Capricorn

What do you wish for on the New Moon in Capricorn?  What image calls for a SoulCollage®? I wonder…

Create a Capricorn New Moon SoulCollage® Card

Saturn and the New Moon in Capricorn represents right timing, father, structure, the earth, 1st Chakra stuff. Capricorn is about creating a firm foundation within- the need to build, to create a structure.

Here in this sign you are called to take a risk and set your plans into motion! I am the One who…

I am the One who is Grounded. I build. 1st Chakra. You’ll know the grounded one because things manifest in your life. You have two feet firmly planted on the earth which supports you in building your hopes, wishes and dreams.

I am the One who responds. Here we face issues dealing with handling responsibility- self-discipline, adult behavior, keeping commitments, competency, and public image.

I am the One who feels secure. Issues dealing with future security- time, decisions, maturity, Social Security i.e. – retirement and old-age.

I am the One who Acts. Sets goals- ambition, defining goals, using opportunities, professions, hard work.

I am the one who is Seen. Public persona represented by career success- accomplishments, recognition, social status, achieving goals. The CEO, the business owner, the entrepreneur. Management- following protocol, delegating responsibility, being in charge, respect.

I am the One who is the Structure in your body. The Bones. Restoring health of the bones and joints, Arthritis and rheumatism, gall bladder and gallstones, Knees, Skin- psoriasis and itching.

Shadow energies of Capricorn: “Where do I lose power and why?” Look for times in your life where you go into fear, contract, leave the body, go into dream time. This indicates a lack of earth, a lack of Capricorn. Afflicted energy. Soul loss.

I am the One who King Baby (Queen Baby) -I lack authority. I find myself constantly facing issues with authority figures, people outside of me where I give our power away. Fathers, bosses and other authority figures, tradition, reputation.

I am the One who is unconscious, weighed down by my tribal conditioning.

I am the One who is a Super Woman-The Hero child, the first born. The little adult, little man, little woman.

I am the One who is a Control Freak. Look for issues around the need for excessive control- lack of joy, sternness, fear of new approaches, pessimism, inflexibility, self-justification. Lack of trust.

Where is the sign Capricorn in your chart? That area of your chart and life is charged for change. Okay here’s the scoop…find an image that speaks to the fear you are facing this month. Create your SoulCollage® card and then start the
dialog. Put the image on your altar.

24 hours before the New Moon in Capricorn set a strong intention for what you want to manifest. What do you need to let go of that stops you from living the dream?

24 hours after the New Moon, let the intentions go. Release them in a fire ceremony, bury it, dance it. Give the energy an expression. Look for omens. Journal you insights. Watch for the magic.

It’s time to build a new structure, to manifest creative solutions to our personal and global problems, one that has heart and meaning.