Leo is all about Light. Standing in your Brilliance with creativity and passion that manifests as something tangible- be it a book, a process, a painting. Aquarius asks each of us “What Tribe do I serve with from my creative process? Allowing your heart light to shine attracts the people you came to serve.

If you aren’t creating and serving then you are hiding. And I have to ask you why? Figure it out and do something about it? Get support, get coaching. Collage it!

It’s time to find the why around your hiding energy.

In August 2009 what were you dreaming and thinking of…giving attention to? What did you let go of at the Scorpio New Moon?

That seed thought from last summer is here manifested at this full moon in Leo today. Last August I wrote:

“Be Brilliant, step into your power, get into the Vortex…it’s time to set a strong intention. Leo’s energy highlights your issues with creative self-expression by risk taking, being authentic and pursuing your creative dream- nay-sayers be gone!”

Did you dim your light or did you dare to shine? Did you take a risk? What you planted last August, those decrees and intentions,
are now showing up in your life.

Check-in. . .How is the Universe responding to your quest?

Big me versus little me thinking. Track your energy leading up to the New Moon in Aquarius on February 13th. Full Moon energy = the Soul force within, the true essence of you. New Moons bring up the shadow me – those critical inner voice that wants to slay you.

Over the next two weeks what’s coming up and in your face is grist for the mill; look for ways your shadow dances that keeps you stuck and limited in heart, mind and wallet. Invite that shadow self in for tea over the next two weeks. Get the energy up and out of you so you can create new wealth and opportunity in your life.

BEFORE the spring planting on March 21st. Shine brilliant.