How is your energy moving and flowing at this Pisces New Moon? Next Saturday the Sun moves into Aries and we greet the Spring Equinox. Yeah Spring!

Spring is the time of planting seeds- intentions, dreams, wishes. In order to plant well your mind needs to be clear and your connection to Spirit, the God/Goddess of you understanding, must be solid and strong. I feel a SoulCollage® coming on.

Why is the Pisces energy important when planning a project or setting things into motion? Because every creative venture comes from your standing strong in harmony with Spirit and your inner muse.

Birthing thoughts [wind/mind] into form. Partnering with your inner muse you bring your creative consciousness into reality, thoughts become form.

Look around you. Other than Nature everything in this reality on Earth began with a thought. Good thoughts, not so good thoughts.

If I don’t acknowledge or honor my divine connection or spark of mind I’ll fall into the trap of ‘thinking’ I’m doing it all by myself [Aries=Ego].

Pisces feeds Aries and Aries feeds Pisces.

Spirit Meter-You know this in your own life when you hit a rough patch and feel challenged [or overwhelmed] because things aren’t moving forward according to your plans… and you shout, pout, stomp and cry.

Without a strong connection to your inner muse you’ll feel left out and alone- usually by May and usually within the Taurus energies. This year just after the New Moon in Aries April 14th Mercury [the mind] goes retrograde in Taurus. Mercury goes into its shadow April 3rd. Yes I am getting ahead of myself because I want your

Muse in Action now, not later.

Abundance Altar

Set a strong intention this week between the Pisces New Moon and the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Gather friends to honor the change in seasons…create an object or drawing that represents what you are giving birth to this next season. Dust off your New Years vision board. Give the muse a voice. Honor her presence in small rituals that feed your mind, heart and soul.

Feng Shui Tip: Set up an altar in the southeast corner of your sacred space to invoke abundance. Clear clutter from every SE corner in your home and office with the intention of inviting abundance into your life.

Do the spring cleaning. Open up the windows. Invite the wind to run through your house and your mind. Get ready for next Saturday.

Keep me posted on what’s happening in the comment form below.

Live your brilliance at this new moon,