A decade ago I am sitting in circle with a friend who teaches about Law of Attraction and abundance yet she keeps repeating the phrase “my pot of gold is just around the corner.”

“That’s the problem your pot of gold is around the corner. Bring it in front of you.” I repeated this three times until she finally heard me (yes she couldn’t even hear me).

Shift happens. This is the week to look at your ‘pot of gold’ issues.

I visit my sister who’s a bit of a Muggle. The year before she rents her office space to a guy who creates a ton of emotional and psychic chaos. After kicking him to the curb he bad mouths her all over town. He is angry for her setting a clear boundary “no you can’t do that to me any longer.” He starts messing with her livelihood, lawyers are involved and that in my book is a no-no. Don’t mess with family.

I look over at the southeast corner in her dining room. It is full of stuff, a dumping place for things in the house ready to be let go or taken to the barn for storage. A lot of her mother-in-laws stuff sits there (she passed two years ago). Not a good thing.

After a shamanic journey I diagnose what is needed on an energetic level…I tell sis “whether you believe in the ‘woo-woo’ stuff I teach and share you have some serious issues going on. We have to shift the energy.” Skeptical, she’s open to the possibilities [big sister energy comes in handy sometimes *smile].

First I clear her office space and then perform a soul retrieval to bring back the fragmented energy she lost in dealing with this guys dirty deeds. Spaces hold energy and well this guys signature is still hanging on in the office.

He wanted to piggyback on her success and if he couldn’t do that, he was willing to take her down. I lovingly ask that everything be released with ease and grace. His energy goes to a neutral place.

Next we go to her home, clear up the clutter in the southeast corner, smudge the rooms to set a new intention. We use a small plant stand [15 x 15] with a beautiful scarf she use to wear for business meetings. On the altar we place a piece of selenite, a bowl of water, her business cards (and her husbands). We invite the sacred into the home and office, she welcomes abundance back into her life.

As Sis opened up to new possibilities her life shifted [almost immediately]. Her legal issues with the man dissolved. She took back her pot of gold [authority] and started living in the now. Her husband created a new business. That’s her story here’s mine…

When I clear out the southeast corner of our garage last fall within days I win a scholarship to Kendall Summerhawk’s Money, Marketing and Soul. It’s changed my life in so many wonderful ways.

So at this new moon the corridor between Pisces and Aries [March
15-21st] is open. Really look around your house and office at all the
southeast corners, what’s there? What are you aware of?

“Where is my pot of gold?” It may be as close as your southeast corner. Just saying

PS To find the SE corner shake your i-phone in the compass mode. Love my i-phone.