Saturn represents right timing to take right action. Saturn’s transit through Libra is challenging you to play a bigger game. You know it, You feel it. Now do something about it.

  • When Saturn met up with my natal Mercury in Pisces I became an initiated healer.
  • When Saturn met up with my natal Moon in Aries I became a shamanic astrologer.
  • Saturn is all about alchemy and your 1st chakra= right timing + right action

I have performed hundreds of soul retrievals for clients in my shamanic practice your journey always starts with “where have I LOST power and how is that affecting me today?”

Your stuck places stop your creative dreams from manifesting. It pains me to see spiritual women like yourself push opportunities away then react and respond to the chaotic results (especially at your Saturn return at age 58).

Saturn is knocking on the door asking you to wake up to your bigger story.

Wise solopreneurs track their Saturn energy to take advantage of the right timing, right action concept.

Saturn in Libra has a message for you, are you ready to hear it and use it to your advantage?

  • maybe you’re being triggered
  • maybe you’re standing at the threshold of change that feels really big
  • maybe you need support working your way through it.
  • maybe you need to sit in the energy of what I share
  • maybe that will spark you to create something new, go a new direction.

This isn’t about knowing astrology, it’s about feeling in the moment, and finding out how this Saturn in Libra is dancing you, consciously or unconsciously.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me in this free preview call for the Saturn in Libra journey~ Awakening to the Now.

What you’ll discover in this call:

  • What’s the connection between Saturn and the Moon in your life that inspires you to take right action.
  • The secret to compassionately revealing and dissolving patterns that keep you stuck, frustrated, and playing small.
  • Why getting it up and out releases creative gifts so you can thrive and not just survive.
  • How to have both the confidence AND the competence to make bold moves in your life and business.

You don’t have to ‘know’ astrology to understand the concepts I am sharing. You’re sincere heartfelt desire paves the way for you to wake up and go boldly into action.

“Michele Lessirard is truly a gifted teacher. Her commitment to the work combined with her depth of experience brings great compassion, deep wisdom, clarity, the ability to be innovative, and humor to her workshops. We need teachers who know how to address the needs of the present and the coming times. Michele is one these brilliant and creative teachers who holds a light to help her students thrive and not just survive.” – Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth