As we meet the current crisis unfolding in the Gulf waters we are called to the ‘Great Work’ in community with each other through love, understanding and compassion; the goal- increasing the light of love and joy on the Mother Earth. Christ said:

“Greater things you shall do than I.”

In February of 2000 just as Sandra Ingeman’s book Medicine for the Earth- How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins went to press I joined in circle with 75 other seekers from all over the world, from all walks of life and all faiths working spiritually to transmute polluted water through the power of love, intention, prayer and ritual.

What do we want to have happen?

  1. State the intention with love.
  2. Clearly visualize, draw, paint and sculpt the energy. Concretizing the energy into this reality through the creative arts brings harmony to the dream. It is a force.
  3. Imagine the outcome in the highest order.
  4. Follow your fear as well; fear is blocked power- hidden energy available for living your passion.
  5. Transmute the fear by setting your intention with love, imagine something different, merge with fear (yes I said merge) and surrender into the fear, a new insight will be forthcoming and you will enter the waters.

After several days of building power in circle using principles in the book:


We spun our collected straw (environmental pollution) into gold (the clean water). Within 15 minutes the level of toxicity in the test water sample reduced from 11% to 9.5%. See the before and after photos of the water from our 2003 gathering.

According to the physicist that conducted the test this is not possible according to scientific standards of practice.

A miracle? You decide. The gatherings were life affirming. The experience forever changed my relationship to water and the earth. This Sagittarius Full moon offers up the Festival of Goodwill, create a SoulCollage® card, hold a strong loving vision for the waters of the earth.

Orin & DaBen offer up this “Follow the process to call upon the
Great Ones. Take a few moments during the 2 days before the Full Moon to prepare. Send love to humanity for the 2 days following this
Festival. Imagine Divine Love coming into the hearts of humanity.”