Michele's SoulCollage® card At this moment we are all being called up as "Agents of Calm". Calm means honoring and feeling the emotions…crying when I need to, walking the land to ground and hold center point. The bigness of it all seems so great and leaves me feeling small, so I pray. Today marks the beginning of hurricane season here in Florida and for the Southern States, am I worried? You betcha. I keep reminding myself of this quote:

Worry does not empty tomorrow of it's troubles, it empties today of its

Words have the power to harm or heal. In that light I am calling this "Gulf Oil Transformation" or G-O Transformation. You and I are standing at the threshold of change. Seasoned SoulCollage® teachers shared their cards that speak to "healing"
of the waters, the animals…cards that touch into the power of the moment as
Agents of

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These SoulCollage® Facilitators and readers sent in their cards (thank you!):

DJ Lorenz, Fort Myers, Florida
Michele Bailey-Lessirard, Vero Beach, Florida
Hazel Hutchinson, Selina, Kansas
Jeri Bodemar, Watsonville California
Linda Miller, Bowie, Maryland
Kate Greenway, Minnesota
Tammy Mabra, Dallas, Texas

There may be emotions within and about you from the unfolding crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. Many are in fight or flight,
many feel the energy in their bodies, many are waking up. You can throw
an image at the
feelings using the SoulCollage® process, you'll find the mystery of you in bits of paper and glue.

Instructions are here and online at http://www.SoulCollage.com.

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