Last week it was hang them all…drag the BP corporate heads to the center of the spill and throw them overboard. No that wasn’t good enough, hang them. Reading the frustrations and anger on FaceBook just makes it worse.

Then there is a spirit-rich group of women posting and twtttering acting as if nothing is happening. It’s a business as usual attitude. I just don’t understand, why can’t you throw a tweet every once in a while about how you are feeling about the worse ecological event ever to hit the United States…this is worse than 9/11 and everyone seems to be asleep. I don’t care if Pluto is in Capricorn, or Uranus is in Aries…it just
doesn’t matter…

I cry for the suffering BP’s actions are causing. The pictures burn into my mind- a dragon fly trying to get the oil off it’s wings or the flock of pelicans flying over the oil water with no fresh water to land. It’s heartbreaking and heart rendering.

I live in Florida, a beautiful state, a tropical oasis. North in the panhandle of Florida they are getting hit. South we sit waiting and wondering …at 150 miles wide from east to west coast Floridians (humans and wildlife) are vulnerable. The hurricanes, wind patterns, water currents, rain and air…Floridians are tied to these precious Gulf waters.

Monday afternoon I had a meltdown of what-ifs…I had to go there to separate my fear from the truth. My Helping Allies in a healing simply said “Love BP.” What??? “Love BP.”

Love BP. Because holding everything else is not working for me…or
the situation.

Shamans around the world say the people of this time are dreaming the wrong dream. We need to set an intent and hold the vision. Be the change we want to see manifest. Sandra Ingerman in the book- Medicine for the Earth uses the following formula for healing and transmutation:

Miracle: I sit in circle when Sandra deliberately pollutes water with ammonium hydroxide. We, the circle, collectively transfigure…go to light, be light. From this place we of love we merge with the polluted water, loving both the pollutant- ammonium hydroxide and the water.

We became the change…and the miracle happened the pollutant disappeared…and the PH dropped making the water drinkable again.

Miracle: When the sniper was terrorizing Washington/Maryland my friend held a ceremony where everyone brought cup of earth from their home to the circle. They transfigured, went to light, became the light with love asking the Helping Spirits, compassionate allies, for truth to be revealed. The next morning they found Malvo asleep in his car, he was arrested.

Miracle: Hot cooking oil spills down my husbands leg. I get lavender oil and transfigure holding a state of grace and light. I merge with the burn, the oil, the lavender. I love it all. I am the healer and the healing. He has no pain and minimal scarring.

We are the ones we have been waiting for…What do you want to have happen?

What if our angry state of mind, yours-mine-ours, is making things in the Gulf worse?

Not better? What if you allow the anger and fear a place to sit, but hold love as well. Dream different.

I love BP. I love the oil. I love the corporate men who failed us.

Dream a new dream.

State the intention with love. Clearly visualize, even draw, paint and/or sculpt the energy. Manifest the loving intention into this reality through the creative arts brings harmony to your dream. It is a force.

Imagine the outcome in the highest order. Follow your fears as well;  fear is blocked power- hidden energy available for living your passion. Transmute the fear by setting your intention with love, imagine something different, merge with fear (yes I said merge) and surrender into the fear, a new insight will be forthcoming and you will enter the water.

I dream a new dream of peace, hope, beauty and joy with all my relations with love and understanding. I dream this for you, your family and community too. I share my dream with you as I heal . . . you heal . . . with peace and compassionate understanding.

Now we are lighter in spirit and energy because we trust Spirit’s at work in our life. We are spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically joyful. I see the radiance in your face, you see it in mine. I dream this dream for you, you dream it for me and it becomes real.- Nature of Healing July, 2001

I am seeing the radiance of BP. Even in the midst of chaos and anger I give my anger to Spirit, put the negative emotions in a box, neutralize it and take it away.

I love BP. I am going to light, being the light…transfiguring. Can you join me in this strong intention. Love the terrorist, love the polluters, love the evil. If you want to see a shift, then be the shift.

Send healing light to the Gulf coast states, print out a Google map of the area.

Place the map images around your house and on your altars as a reminder to send light, be light. Send us prayers and healing light.

Be a stand for the animals.
Be a stand for the water.
Be a stand for the earth.
Be a stand for the goodness of humanity.
And forgive BP, for they know now what they did.
Love them anyway.