At the Oil Spill Vigil tonight about 50-75 people showed up- all ages, across party lines. A courageous young woman (a Junior in high school) organized the event. Brave because Vero Beach, Florida is such a conservative town, people can be very mean.

Twelve volunteers read personal stories from real people on how the oil has effected business and life in Louisiana. Coming together, neighbor with neighbor felt good.

To thank Anne I gave her a copy of the book Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins. Afterwards I went down the steps to the Ocean and drummed. I spoke and carried my drum- no surprise I’ve had a lot of discussions this week about coming out of hiding and speaking our truth- in service to the earth.

Re-read this post-Tone up your intentions…

Looking through the archives and found this oldie goldie Gemini New Moon post from June of 2007- Tone up your intentions. Gosh how life has changed. And…

A reminder about the Gemini teleclass~ How to bring forth intuitive healing solutions
[for self and others] which are directly connected to your throat chakra
and the power of your voice.