Saturn, after retrograding back into Virgo in January, returns to Libra on Wednesday July 21, 2010 at 11:10 am. Saturn’s boing-boing opposition with Uranus in Aries means the fabric of this reality is being shaped into balance by external forces no matter what I think, act or do. Basically it’s out of our hands.

The task is to avoid the freak-out feelings that leave people reeling. The key: DON’T GET HOOKED, don’t enter the dance and join in their drama. It’s a choice.

Saturn’s movement over the last seven years gave you tools to stay grounded and focused so you can build anew. On Wednesday Saturn is back in Libra opposing Uranus. Uranus wakes
us up collectively from outside events. 9/11 was an awakening event. The
Gulf Oil crisis is an unfolding awakening event.

Saturn in Libra calls us to seek the balance of that betwixt between place of self and other, this world and that. The fulcrum point is always the heart. It’s not someone’s channeled experience of the heart energy, or their written words describing it. It’s an embodiment and initiation, and once you ‘know’ it by direct experience, your life magically shifts.

Saturn always builds- a new structure, a new container. It’s asks you to respond and be responsible. Saturn makes you become the adult you are meant to be.

Let’s recap Saturn’s journey and some of the lesson’s offered.

Saturn in Cancer [6/03-7/05] gave you a firm understanding of home, roots family. How can I find my spiritual center and safety when everything seems to be falling apart around me? How am I rooted?

Saturn in Leo [7/05-9/07] gave you a structure to build a new creative dreams. This transit activated those of us born with Pluto in Leo (1937-1957). How am I creating in a powerful new way? Does this action, person, place or thing have heart and meaning for me today? What am I willing to risk to make my dream happen?

Saturn in Virgo [9/07-10/09] demanded you figure out the details of that creative dream (revealed in Leo) to move forward in a proactive rather than reactive way. Editing and sorting through the minutia of details to make things work and LET GO of what doesn’t.

Women born with Pluto in Virgo 9/1957-10/71) take note…you’ve now come through they eye of the needle of personal change and growth the last two years. What’s been in your face since January. Don’t get mired down in the details.If you are still scratching your head saying “this again?” Then do it differently.

Virgo is the sign of editing and sorting through
the clutter to get to the heart of the matter. Pisces in your chart
reflects your relationship to Spirit; we are embodied Spirits walking on
earth. Uranus moved through Pisces waking you up to your spiritual heart. Take full use of your new knowledge.

Heaven {Pisces] and earth [Virgo] are one and the same expression. Your Soul Call
is to take the revolutionary ideas birthed in Leo/Aquarius, and create a new
vision with the help of Pisces. Virgo edits and sorts the intuitive- grounding the energies to make your dream real. Okay here’s my creative dream, now what steps are necessary to make this real?

Virgo in Saturn made each of us sort through the mundane…bringing Spirit
into matter [earth] through everyday rituals that ground you, bring us
back to center point. Saturn retrograded back into Virgo to do some last minute clean-up work…you are ready.

Saturn in Libra is like the Virgo ex with benefits. Over the next twelve months as you seek balance within and without call on the Virgo qualities in your chart (the Saturn in Virgo lessons you learned the last two years) to help you refine and design…

Expect new ahas to be birthed off the New Moons in Cancer/Libra/Capricorn/Aries. Oh yes we just left a New Moon in Cancer! Are you seeing the connection from your past to the present? I wonder…