It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else. – Erma Bombeck

Leo’s energy is all about creativity- your dream manifested- a new ad-venture, product, a book, service (Aquarius). Taurus + Leo gives you the courage to leap. Leaping into my Leo SoulCollage® this week comes with an aha of how the Sun in Leo is shining brightly over my Pluto/Jupiter Leo (for the astrologists the conjunction is in the 10th house -career, success, public persona). Pluto renders the old beliefs, Jupiter expands into new territory- there’s teaching in that old garbage. Who knew…certainly not me.

Unconscious decision you made last spring (old family patterns related to $$) showing up -fuzzy thinking leads to fuzzy action. Summer is the time we get to see the fruit of our labor…the juicy intention (vision board) you planted last Spring is fully formed wanting your attention, and a Leo New Moon births a new awareness. What are you going to harvest this fall?

Claiming your brilliance at the Leo New Moon will bring to the light a measure of darkness (shadow) at the Scorpio New Moon. Leading straight down the path of our compulsive issues…Arghh!!@##

Our work is not to change what you do, but to witness what you do with enough awareness, enough curiosity, enough tenderness that the lies and old decisions upon which the compulsion is based becomes apparent and falls away.-Geneen Roth, Women, Food and God.

When Eat, Pray, Love = Taurus, Leo, Scorpio

Eating= Taurus

Any time we greet a Leo New Moon you also get a measure of Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, the fixed signs in the zodiac; its the place in all of our birth charts where we stay stubborn, to stay the course, even if the ground beneath us is crumbling. In Taurus/2nd house we find our worth and from that place we allow abundance to flow into our lives. Abundance through the energy of money- making, spending, keeping, gifting. Many are facing money challenges…many are facing down long time challenges-smoking, drinking, eating, spending. Now’s the time to check-in with the Taurus/2nd House area of your chart to see what’s tripping you up.

When doubting my value (shadow Taurus) others pile on the band wagon of my fuzzy thinking, lopsided heart. I don’t care what you name it (shadow, negative intent, critical inner voice) that dang dark blob of doubt/fear/insecurity slays us…keeps us fixated on what’s broken or stuck in our life.

A Big AHA!

This week in a Money+Manifestation workshop my marketing goddess/mentor, talked about the two fears we are born with- fear of falling and fear of loud noises. All the other fears are bestowed upon us…leaving me wondering why am I still working from someone’s operating manual?

In May the Taurus New Moon gave you an opportunity to dismantle those hidden PinHead beliefs; as you actively engage the Leo new moon energy this week watch for what’s still working you. Energy leaks related to your abundance self-worth issues.

In her new book Smart women know their why Sheri McConnell writes “trust in balance, trust in you, and trust in energy.” As practical mystics, women healers, yes we handle things differently. However negating one way (intuitive, right brain) for the other (logical, left brain) or vice versa creates all sorts of distractions and compulsions that dribble down to finances. Saturn (structure) in Libra (relationships) is demanding a new balanced path.

Pray = Leo

Prayer and Leo…Women as healers in business take note-if I don’t have a strong connection and trust with Spirit (12th house) I am asking for trouble.

What tripped me up in my brick and mortar business? I thought I was going at it alone. Having a strong connection to our inner spirit and like-minded community grounds us in the unfolding chaos of both creativity and change.

In my shamanic coaching practice I ask you directly “who do you pray to?” then we invite the Power of that Presence to join in the dialog. We engage Spirit, journey to Spirit. We make prayer active by doing rituals that boldly connect you to your heart center. What would your life be like if this Presence feeds your creative process across the board? Creativity and Spirit soar together.


Love yourself enough to surrender what no longer works for you. The Scorpio energy in your chart is all about letting go and moving on. Surrender by leaving the shore of comfortability and trust you’ll find your way.

Pray, Eat, Love, the movie comes out on Friday…. maybe like me you’ll go to movie ready to engage it’s message by setting aside time afterwards to soulcollage® and journal- to value, to connect, to surrender.

Remember the New Moon in Leo’s still working all of us until September (28 days), Uranus goes retrograde in Pisces August 13th, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo on August 20th all leading up the Full Moon in Pisces (Musing along) on August 24th. Pisces and Virgo is all about the dance of the practical mystic. “Eat, Pray, Love” reminds me to be nurturing, tender and gentle- the gift of Cancer in the Cardinal Cross.