The Explorer is an archetype of the Sag energies. Willing to take a risk, set sail for new shores, expand beyond your comfort zone to live your dream.

Stretch, Risk, or Die. A stretch is something you’ll to do even if you’re a little scared. If you’re really nervous about doing something, then it is a risk. A die is something you would absolutely not do. The die is always what we secretly fear. -Rhonda Britton author of Fearless Living

The Die is connected to your soul’s purpose and heart’s desire, but the die feels so big and scary. The key is to take a risk and do it anyway. This month it’s time to decide to go for the die.

The New Moon in Sagittarius

Stand up…dust yourself off…move forward. Yes I want you to actually stand up and dust yourself off before reading the rest of this story.

We greet the New Moon in Sagittarius on Sunday. Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius are the dusting off energies (mutable energies) we meet before moving into the action energies of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Mercury goes retrograde December 10-29, 2010.

Just before Thanksgiving Mercury, the communicator, went into its shadow on 11/23, as healers we are already feeling the effects ahead of time. Mercury starts off in Capricorn> stand in your power and respond by building a new structure and moves back into Sagittarius>take a risk share your mess and teach a healing story.

Mercury went retrograde in Virgo (August 20-September 12, 2010), and now he’s meeting up with the dusting off sign of Sagittarius. Virgo is about getting the systems in place so you can take a risk in Sagittarius. New Moon readers take note of what Mercury is asking you to dust off in your life.

Sunday we greet the New Moon in Sag. Sagittarius is all about taking a risk relating to the blessing that comes your way by venturing out past your comfort zone. I call this the blessing field. You enter that blessing field each time you stand up, dust yourself off and move forward with love. And yes you may be quaking and shaking from fear, doubt and worry while doing it. Do it anyway. Honor the journey.

The Wag of a Finger

Here comes the Judge. Before the Die, comes the Judge. Do you have a judge or inner critic that loves to tell you what’s wrong with you and others…she’ll pick them apart, tell you not to do this or that. She’s a guardian, protecting you from risking too much, she brings a balance. Keeps you grounded.

To the extreme the Judge > critical voice > is tied to childhood shame and judgment.

The Wag of the Finger Judge (okay I watch the Colbert Report) stops you in your tracks and sucks the creative force out of you. You’ll know she’s around because you are stuck. How long have you been stuck? a few weeks, a couple of months or years of being stuck?

This Mercury Retrograde is your chance to see the judge clearly and do things differently. The joyful exuberance of the holiday season says go for it, the new moon in Sagittarius is asking you dust off and live the dream.

Mercury = mind chatter. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. Gemini stirs up the black and white thinking, unhealed wounds of our past; Mercury Rx’s do the same. Here’s my 4 step process:

  • Check-in: What is unfolding leading up to the Sagittarius New Moon? New moons energy brings to light the places we are stuck.  This fall season where have I been? Spend the weekend tracking your thoughts- the judgments…
  • Look at your SoulCollage® cards for the message: What have the cards been saying the last 3-4 months? Look for clues to what this Mercury Rx is about for you. If you haven’t created a SoulCollage®, start. Something will be revealed. In your birth chart where are the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sag and Pisces are, what houses? There you’ll find both the problem and solution.

Those houses tell you how to dust off. My Mercury sits in Pisces; I’m called to honor the spirit of all things and share healing stories with my truth telling. The New Moon Journal is filled with healing stories connected to spirit.

In her book The Four Fold Way, Angeles Arrien “The way of the visionary is through truth-telling without blame or judgment… Visionaries make truth visible.”

  • What or where am I getting lost? Is it serving my Muse? What would happen if I delegate this task? Yes spend the time and money- and allow someone to serve me? How would that feel? How would my life shift? Turn it around.
  • Create a SoulCollage© for the Explorer, the one who is willing to dismember the judge, the shame, and tell a healing story. Give this energy an expressing. To manifest the blessing field within and around you give her a voice and an expression so she becomes an ally. Holidays are filled with stories; what healing story is waiting to come forth? Find the Mystery of you in bits of paper and glue…. Its time dust yourself off…move forward into 2011.

About Michele Grace Lessirard: Shamanic astrologer and wisdom teacher Michele Grace is a stargazing mid-century modern woman who loves exploring new frontiers. She leads spirited gals from woo-woo to who’s who over at the Global Alliance for Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs.

Michele encourages women whose lives and circumstances have changed to make use of today’s new science and technology; guiding them to fresh clues to solve problems that previously felt unsolvable–all of which appeals to this smart, spirit-driven business woman, healer and artist.

Be prepared for the consequences–your Work together will open up longings and dreams leading you to your own random acts of divine inspiration. Michele shows you the way to and through the door of betwixt and between where your mystery and magic dwells. Follow the lunar dance for 90 days and you will find your soul’s mystery and magic.