This full moon on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 29° Virgo  is all about the editing and sorting through what’s happened. What’s done is done…now it’s time to clean up and move forward.

Maybe time to move in a different direction. This full moon at 29° is a both/and energy…it’s a bit Virgo and a bit Libra. Step up and decide what action you are going to take, which energy to embrace- fear or love.

Virgo ruled by Mercury rules our mind, the inner chatter that leads to communication.

Libra ruled by Venus is teaching us about love and harmony.

This weekend a dear friend sent me an email sent to her full of fear- prophesies’ of doom, gloom and misfortune. Go to God now or be doomed. She asked if I had gotten any intuitive hits about whether the message was true.

This email coupled with the unfolding transformation in Japan…well it was a call to make a choice to go into the hellish place of “we are DOOMED.” It was my birthday and I chose not to go there. Instead I spent the time out in nature with family. I’ve been through life shattering events (4 hurricanes and a oil spill). My corner of the world is fine at the moment. I chose life, love and light. It wasn’t always this way, and sometimes I really struggle.

Back in 1996 after reading a series of channeled materials (which made the author a lot of money) saying things on Earth in 1997 were coming to an end I fell into the “WE are all DOOMED” fear place. I dove into the fear because I didn’t have any other resources to hold the fear at bay. It was all about my fear of death, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. The experience took me to my knees.

1997 came and went, and nothing happened. That 1997 fear today serves me well. Reminds me we are always making choices….from a place of love or a place of fear. When I am in fear I am cut off from Source/Spirit/God/ess.

I have to decide on which side of the road I want to hang.

Decisions. Sometimes you are in control, and sometimes circumstances are out of control…either way you have to determine your next step. Being a divine feminine leader is your ability to make a heart-centered decision. And listening to that fear voice within makes those choices very difficult. Fear always CUTS us off from the intuitive knowing.

You’ll know you are in it, when you just sit and nothing gets done. Fear of failure, fear of success…fear of death is really a fear of life. What am I projecting into the world from my place of fear?

My mother was taught as a child not to panic if she got caught in the undertow while swimming- make a decision to swim parallel to the shore until you can get yourself out of the tides pull. Michele “Panic will KILL you.” With fear/panic you are not able to make good decisions.

The pull of emotions, the pull of the material world…the pull of the news.

Decisions are about choices…do I go this way or that? Then TRUSTING your inner guidance that you made the right decision to ACT. Action or aggravation? So at this full moon, there is a reason the energies sit at a both/and place of Virgo/Libra. Virgo wants you to edit and sort through the details…Libra wants you to find the balance. What are you building out in the world for your business? for the planet? In service to others…DECIDE so you can move into action at the Aries new moon on April 3rd.

Is the world a mess? Yes. Is transformation messy? YES! and it all comes back to

What am I feeding- fear or love? Stop sitting in front of the news, stop sitting on Facebook and GO DO WHAT YOU ARE MEANT TO DO in the world. Make a choice to turn on your light, be a beacon and shine.

Aries= choice + action. Aries is all about decision making. Decide, and then act so you move the project/product forward and out into the world. Aries energy is the point of saying YES! To manifest matter into spirit, even though you can’t see any tangible proof yet that your decision to ACT is a good one or not…

Spring is about throwing the seeds into the ground, and trusting they’ll do their thing and germinate. There are no guarantees you’ll have vegetables by summer… transformation isn’t about guarantees. Transformation is about truth, action, purpose, passion, sadness, grief, anger, pain, sadness…

So this full moon we sit at the cusp of spring…jumping into Aries is ruled by fiery passionate Mars, and at this full moon Mars is sitting in watery Pisces…dampening down the energy of what could be. With Mars in Pisces one word comes to mind frustration coupled with a mega doses of fear. And the choice is “what side of the road do I want to hang?”

Light a candle for the people who have undergone trauma, and world events that have shaken them to the core and brought them center stage. Honor their bravery and courage by YOU being a beacon of light.

Don’t dwell in your fear or pity them. The citizens of Japan/Haiti/Gulf don’t need pity; they need our strength, our vision…to hold them as powerful. Is it hard…is it challenging? YES! yet once they come through it they are better for it. I am reminded…

Transformation is not for wussies.

Remedy for transformation the energy: Rescue Remedy by Bach

Get out in nature and connect with the energies around you. Adapt a be here now mindset.

Exercise: move the energy…it calms your nervous system.

Follow your life pulse: if necessary take a nap. Follow your body’s rhythms…rest when needed. Eat good grounding foods.

Create: Work with your hands, allow the energy of beauty to come through you and then send it out to others. This is a place of power.

Recommended books: How to Heal Toxic Thoughts and How to thrive in Changing Times by Sandra Ingerman.