At the Aries New Moon teleclass I talked about shamanic women stepping forward ready to lead…at the Aquarius New Moon we learned how we came to serve…in Pisces we focused on the Big Dream- what spirit’s been asking you to manifest. Say YES moment!  And at the Aries New Moon it’s time to move the vision forward even though there are no guarantees. Aries embodies the action of

Creating. Pioneering. Power.

Which brings up your shadow issues with leading, creating, pioneering, and power. *smile*, calling you to make a decisions on where you want to be, pick up the banner and lead it.
Procrastination sucks your creative force dry…robs your vitality. So what’s been up for you over the last two weeks since the New Moon on April 3rd? Where am I stuck? Let go.
Sunday April 17th at the Libra Full Moon, let go so you can move forward. I lead, and then collaborate with others of like mind and heart…because I am willing to take a risk. Libra, ruled by Venus, is the sign of partnership and joint ventures.

As you partner with another Libra’s reflects, it’s a sacred mirror. Sit quietly a moment and tell yourself a truth. Breathe into that truth and see where and how this energy affects you. Make a note of this experience. Now get up, move around and sit down again. Tell yourself a lie . . . where did the lie hit you?  How did it affect your energy? Play with this. Begin to understand the balance of this energy and truth in your own body, and how truth communicates with you. Can you tell your truth in relationships?

Truth. This energy comes into the fifth chakra from the forces of the lower natures- 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras.

Self-expression in the fifth chakra is counterpart to the sensate reception coming in through the second chakra. In the second chakra we open that allowed the world in through our senses. If this journey was negotiated [as a child] with love and compassion, the second chakra speaks to the 5th and our inner self is expressed outward to the world. -Anodea Judith.

We are not defended when we are in our truth. We are willing to merge.  Surrender. We may have been given messages as a child that no longer serves our divine Self. In Libra we meet those error messages in partnership with our sacred other.  This template is formed in childhood from patterning and programming, conscious or unconscious. We bring that template into all of our relationships for healing, growth and empowerment. Declare at the full moon what you want to create, see it, feel it, love it and then surrender it. Tell the truth.

So at this Libra Full Moon how is your partnership energy?  It’s time to clear the clutter, to connect with others of like mind and heart to move your work out into the world. A Libra Full Moon brings renewed clarity through cooperation and collaboration. Look back to see what was happening at the Libra New Moon last October? What you focused on then is here now full bloomed….

Michele Grace’s Story:
Last fall right after my mother died I took a risk and invested in the Kendall Summerhawk’s Money Breakthrough Method® coach program -a 12 week training [cleansing and healing of my money story]. Of course jumping into MBM brought up crappy old money wounds that needed my attention. Unconscious ways I was sabotaging and not stepping up to lead. The MBM journey helped me find a right relationship with the energy of money so I can support clients free themselves from debt, under earning and financial sabotage. I took a risk, with no guarantees it would work. Today I am being asked to teach, speak and partner [joint ventures]. Clearing the emotional baggage [Moon] created a new container [Capricorn] so I could lead [Aries] and then partner in healthy ways [Libra]. Can you see the flow how the Luna moves in sync…

Who am I in partnering with at the moment?
What talent and value do I bring to the relationship? Is it balanced and meeting my needs?
What part of me did I leave behind to be in relationship with you?
Is that serving or hindering my creative vision? Can I tell my truth?

If I don’t know my value and worth I’ll go wandering around looking outside of myself for the missing piece(s).  It’s your Soul loss speaking asking in relationship. . . .

Saturn is moving through Libra for the first time in 29 years. We’ve been in this Libra dance since September 2009 bringing up our issues with partnering and balance.  If you are out of sync with your emotional nature represented by the Moon then your feminine knowing went underground. The knowing may be waking up (30’s)…it may be in crisis (40’s)…it may be dang tired from fence sitting (50’s and beyond).

Uranus moving through Aries asks the divine feminine within you to step up and lead with your soul gifts; to trust and partner in new ways. Where have I lost power by giving up my intuitive knowing? How did I abdicate for someone else’s logic and reason because I couldn’t prove “I know what I know?” It’s time to forgive.

Venus rules Libra. Cooperation is required. Compromise is necessary. Change is inevitable. Venus rules beauty and harmony, the law of attraction, ruler of the Greater Mysteries representing love and compassion. She rules the love nature- of sex and passion from an ego and a soul level. She brings us the ability to imagine and vision to change things for the better.

“Ponder on the lessons of the past (Libra’s assessment) . . . Twice have you slain that which you should love.  Learn why.” (Alice Bailey, p. 128-129)

What do you still battle?

What has been slaying you in relationship for the last 29 years that now calls for love? What is seeking balance that first appeared in the early eighties? Aries is about self….Cancer  and the 4th house of the zodiac and is ruled by the Moon- “Home, your spiritual home and physical home.” Do you feel safe? What do you need in this moment to give you comfort and safety? How was your house as a child, where was your safe place? Did you live in fear or love?

Libra is about our relationship to others- siblings, parents, partners- marriage and friends. Libra represents 7th house of relationships. Marriage- at this full moon relating is highlighted.

It’s time to create and pioneer by leading the way. Your truth will set you free.